Problems viewing demo videos from on this forum

Several users use to show short videos on this forum (mainly demos). Often all I see is the embedded player OK, but instead of a preview, I get a white blank screen and the video doesn’t play. Other users have reported this too. (Oddly, for some forum members there are no problems).

Steve mentioned that it could be due to expiration date of the video:

I found that if I paste the link to a “Streamable” video directly, THEN select the Hyperlink icon in the “Create a new topic” pane on this forum, and copy the link again, when the post is submitted, the video works as expected, both on the embedded player and also if I click the direct link text.

Sorry, but it is a problem between this forum’s software, Discourse, and I can give debugging the forum software for this corner case a higher priority than working on Shotcut.

Thans Dan, although I’d hate to be the person responsible for halting your sterling work on developing Shotcut!! The Streamable issue is not of huge importance to me - I have switched to using Vimeo for the moment anyway.

I think Shotcut would be a higher priority. I think the real issue is with Streamable, not forum software. Streamable should modify their code to work all forum software. Just my take on it from an end user of the this forum. Not a programmer, so my perception might be a bit skewed.

I absolutely love the forum software, but not impressed with Streamable. Usually I can see the video once, but not always twice.

Me neither. I’ve messaged them several times about this (so has Steve Ledger) and I’ve heard nothing back from them in weeks.

You can always create a different YouTube account with a different email address to post small clips. You just have to verify the email to get the account activated. I think you’re limited to 10 or 15 minutes per video until you verify with a phone number.

Thanks! Will look into it…

To be fair to Streamable, we are not adding their ‘embeddable’ code to our posts, just the direct url to the video. This forum software is creating the player automatically. Streamable clearly do not allow the direct url to be embeddable so I’m reluctant to blame them.
They actually provide the correct html embed code for websites, but it’s not permitted in this forum’s posts.
If you post the same direct link to facebook, you will get a large thumbnail, but clicking will direct you to the video on Streamable which is what should by rights happen here.
Personally I find the service very useful, it was only serendipity that I found direct urls produced an ‘inline’ player on this forum. I use the service a lot for collecting ‘snippets’ from YouTube etc that I want to keep for future reference. (you will need to install the browser extention for this)
So I would not sh*t on Streamable simply because what we’ve been doing doesn’t play well when used with this forum software (other popular forum software does not auto create an inline player from the direct url)

Fair comments, Steve. Indeed, wise words :grinning:. I will now take Streamable off the “naughty step”:joy:. And I do like the look of the Streamable player - looks classy.

Just to re-iterate, I found that if I’m posting a Streamable video here, if I copy the direct url to the video, then underneath also add a LINK to the url, both the link and the inline player seem to work.

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