Missing Filters?

I just started using this program and I wanted to add text to a video I am creating but the option to add normal text does not exist, there is only 3D text which in my opinion is too limited for me to use and looks quite frankly, bad without customisation options. How do I get the normal text option back?

I am using Windows 10 and the latest version that I just downloaded today.

GPU processing might be on. Turn it off and the text filter will come back.

Ah thanks that fixed it! I’m sure I had GPU processing off :confused:

Do you know if there is any reason why GPU processing affects text being available?

It’s explained here by the developer.

Can you please explain how to off GPU processing in Windows 10? TIA

From the Settings menu, choose GPU Effects. If you try to load a project, and it asks if you want to enable GPU Effects, choose No. Projects cannot be converted. You must choose ahead of time and recreate the project if you did not like the decision you made.