Making transparent backgrounds spinning newcast logo?


THanks for your work in shotcut!

I am beginning to use it for 1 year now.

I need to make a spinning logo with transparent background like those used in news casts on nightly news and so on.

It is a spinning box with my logo for my website on it for mentally ill people whom I am trying to setup a career around.

I already made something in Blender 3d with someones help.

I have all the still images to make a PNG animation

Yet when I insert the images into shotcut they all go very slow in each frame

Not sure if I am explaining this properly.

Is there a good way to make a spinning logo box with my logo with transparent background and a way to insert it into videos to make it look legible?

Do you mean that only the preview is slow? If you export the video, does the exported file play quickly?

If that is the case, it might be a challenge for Shotcut to display each PNG image in real time. The work-around would be to export your PNG sequence as a transparent video.

There is a tutorial here: Tutorial: How to export a video with transparency

Then, use the transparent video in your Shotcut projects instead of the PNG sequence.

I imported all the still image clips that make the transparent background logo that spins in animated PNG
When I import them all into a clip it takes like 3 seconds each clip to spin the cube when it should be less than 1/10th second or something like that.

Any ideas how to keep the background transparency while the cube moves so I can import it into other videos and put it where I need? Thx

It’s not clear to me what you mean here by animated PNG

Animated PNG (APNG) is a file format which extends the Portable Network Graphics (PNG) specification to permit animated images that work similarly to animated GIF files

Is that what you use? If so, I’ve tried to import a few of them in Shotcut and none worked properly.

Maybe you did not set the correct Video Mode. What framerate did you render your PNG images for? Make sure the Video Mode is set to the same frame rate.


Thx for replies but getting nowhere here :slight_smile:
I made a 3d spinning box with transparent background in Blender 3d for linux.

In the output the guy who helped me said the only way to output it in transparent background for the spinning cube was to output in PNG

This gave me about 250 still images of the PNG file

Is there a way I can use these stills in shotcut to create animated box with transparent background from these stills? Remember there are about 250 still frames with the increment movements in each.

This allows me to have a transparent background for the images

Ah! I get it now.


  1. Start a new Shotcut session and make sure the projects size and frame rate are the same as the animation created in Blender. Example: 1920 x 1080, 30 fps

  2. Go to File > Open file and navigate to the folder where your 250 PNGs are located.

  3. Select the first file in the folder and click Open

  4. Go to the Properties panel and check the Image Sequence box

  5. Shotcut will use all the files in the folder to create an image sequence.

  6. Got to the Export panel, choose the Quicktime Animation export preset and export your new file. Make sure the From menu is set to Source

  7. Click the Export File button

  8. The resulting .mov file can now be added to any project.


Great instructions you provided! I wasn’t able to find this anywhere else!

Here is the video I made so far

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Glad I could help @djcaptpln880

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