Lost Video Quality

So I recorded some clips with a standard GoPro Hero (2018) at 1080p with 30fps. After the export the video doesn’t look as good and have that precise look to it like a recorded video in 1080p would. It seems to be a bit blurry (not sure how else to put it). Plus the second image looks like there is a light gray haze over it. When I watch some of my other videos, it also seems like they have lost some quality. The top is the original and the bottom is it after the export with other clips.
Edit: On automatic video export, Shotcut thought that it was in 720p even though the lowest quality on the camera is 1080p. I exported it at 1080p with 30fps with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

This is normal. When editing (except when doing lossless trimming ala Properties > Extract Sub-clip) the audio and video are re-encoded, which loses a generation of quality. You can export using a lossless or intermediate preset to lose no or nearly no quality, but I doubt you are going to like the file size. If you have a lot of drive space, give it a try.,

There is your problem. It did that because your project is set to 720p. That is related to

I exported it at 1080p with 30fps with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

When you increase the resolution in Export > Video you are not changing the project resolution. All images get converted to project resolution and then export resolution & aspect ratio if it is different.

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