Is there a crop to fill function?

I started on iMovie, and I got really comfortable with it, but now I have Windows and just got shotcut. On iMovie, there is a “crop to fill” function in which you can manually crop an area of the video and it will fill the screen. It’s basically zooming in. Is there any function like that on shotcut?

I’ve watched multiple videos on cropping and zooming, but none of them are what I’m looking for. The only method that works (filter—> size,position,&rotate) takes forever to customize, and it keeps slowing down that part of the video and making it buggy.

Is there a faster and easier way?

Hi @Scoute
Are you sure the tool is called “crop to fill”? I didn’t find anything with that name for iMovie

Do you mean something like this, done with the Size, Position & Rotate filter ?

The Crop Source filter. See here:

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