iPhone Movies export to MP4 is jerky

I am from Holland and i will try to write correct Englisch. I Hope my question is clearly.

In Shotcut i Made from about 100 IPhone Movies 1 Holiday Movie. Nothing special. Only transitions between them. The Movie is 1 hour long. I want to watch it On my TV, on my laptop, iPhone, Youtube etc. For having a Nice memory in 1 Movie instead of hunderds of short single movies.

I did Not know what the best export is, so i choose MP4. But the movie is very jerky, of how do i call it, stuttering? It does Not play smoothly.

I use an iPhone XS. Camera Settings are 1080p HD op 30 fps. They have a Good Quality.

What export format should i choose?

Thanks in advance.


Ik begrijp deze paragraaf niet, maar na het lezen van je hele bericht begrijp ik dat je om de beste exportinstellingen vraagt en je video niet soepel wordt afgespeeld, dus het bestandstype kan elk zijn.Als je hebt opgenomen in MOV, kies dan MOV en hetzelfde geldt voor alle andere formaten. En de reden waarom u zich schokkerig voelt, is dat u tijdens het exporteren de verkeerde framesnelheid hebt gekozen. Zie deze afbeelding om te begrijpen waar ik het over heb: -

Screenshot (27)

"I can’t understand this paragraph, But After reading your whole post I understand that, You are asking for the best export settings and your video is not playing smoothly, So the file type could be any, If you recorded in MOV then choose MOV and the same thing applies for all other formats, And the reason for which you are feeling jerky is you have chosen the wrong frame rate while exporting. See this image to understand what I am talking about:-"

Thanks for your answer! The details of my MOV videos are these:

So i choose now for Format MOV and 30,000000 frames/sec

But the quality is worse then before when i export to MP4. After a transitions i see a couple of seconds sort of pixels. It is less jerky (is that the right word?), but still not as smooth as the original videos.

Maybe i have to choose another codec? Tab Codec, now it was deafult mpeg2video

Or can i try other settings?


Can you post the same information, but for the 2 videos you exported (MP4 and MOV)? Also, your picture shows the framerate as 30.01, not 30.00000

Make sure your Video Mode matches your camera’s video:

The MOV file has not this detail information.

The MP4:

Will 30.01 and 30.000000 make a difference?

I put it on 30.000000 because some of the movies are 29.97 and some 30.01

I try to export it to 29.97 (EDIT: The value you entered is very similar to the common,
more standard 29.970030 = 30000/1001.

Do you want to use 29.970030 = 30000/1001 instead?) So i don’t think that will make a difference)

That’s a good one for next time i think? Changing it later does not work as i understand it good?


The 30.01 from the iPhone means it is variable frame rate.

The output MP4 file says 25fps. That means the export is losing 5 frames per second, and that is creating the jerky motion. Change the video mode to 29.97fps. Spot check the transitions in the timeline to verify no gaps were created.

I noticed that the bitrate and data rate are different in both screenshots, the mov is having bad quality because of the low bitrate and data rate and mp4 has better quality because of the higher bitrate and data, you may increase you bitrate and data rate to give it better quality and it should be same as your original video or higher than it.

I made 2 new exports, to MP4 and to MOV, both with 29,97fps.

The quality of the MOV is better than with the 25fps, the MP4 looks the same to me.

But the originally probleem is still there. If the camera is steady the quality is as goog as the original movies. But when the camera moves, in the exports it is jerky, not smooth. The original movies do not have that problem.

Can i do other things in settings or with other export formats? Do you need more information?

I don’t see where i can change that. In the tab AUDIO i can change the bit rate, but i think you mean a bit rate in video settings?

I made a video for you, You can checkout “how to change bitrate for video” in this video:-

Jerky and stuttering are also correct, if you want more easy English then it could be choppy or uneven.

Where was the change to 29.97 made? On the export screen, or in the Settings > Video Mode menu? Changing the export screen will not affect anything in this case. The Video Mode has to be changed.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks! unfortunately this does not seem like the solution

YES! I think this is the solution!! Beginner mistake i think. To be sure, i made an export with with these settings:

Instellingen Shotcut

Is there anything else I should pay attention to for a good export?

Those settings look good!

The Format drop-down box could be set to MP4 instead of MOV for wider compatibility, but it probably won’t matter for your intended use.

The Quality percentage can also be raised if necessary, but 55% is a good start point that works well for most cases.

Super! Thanks!

Thank you very much all for the good help and the quick responses!