Integrating other functions into other options, and much more

Disclaimer! I mean this suggestions with kindess and acknowledge that the developers have every right to deny this suggestion. I am just here to write because I think it would enhance my Shotcut experience alot. I do not mean this by saying the editor is bad. I mean this so the editor would be really more great than it is now. Thanks <3

  • I have noticed that alot of Shotcut functions like SP & R (Size, Position, and Rotate) has been integrated into the filter section instead. Why not like add this when the video is already selected and THEN you can manipulate it? MOSTLY ANSWERED

  • Another one is the ability to export presets and link it to a download. I would really like this feature as if I am in a scenario where I would like to make a kit for color grading, text, and other ones as this would be really helpful. ANSWERED

  • Extremely or “kind of” advanced color grading. Yes, I know. Shotcut is a basic video editor, but if they add this filter it would be game changing. Alot of professionals like Casey Faris might check this video editor out. MOSTLY ANSWERED

  • Built in library effects. This is not really that necessary but it would be nice to have, this would give users a great and extensive amount of options, maybe if they do add it maybe add like for users with a custom or anonymous nickname to upload a sound effect, or a video effect. ANSWERED

Thanks for reading this <33 If there is already a suggestion please tell me and I will remove it.

Presets are saved to a file in the app data directory. Choose Settings > App Data Directory > Show… and then look in the presets folder. The names of the sub-folder are internal names because the user-visible names are translatable and also the English name changes sometimes. Here is an mapping of some of them: Preset Locations: Filters.

advanced color grading

You can do secondary color correction using Mask filters as explained here: Mask: Apply

Built in library effects

I do not want to make the download much larger than it needs to be; so, this would require development of a cloud system and client UI within Shotcut to browse, search, and download them. Then, there is the issue of curating from the many royalty free sources. And if users can upload then, then a moderation and DMC takedown notification system is required. That is a lot of work that is less important than other things on our Shotcut - Road Map. So, instead we have a Shotcut - Resources page and the Resources category in the forum.

Why not like add this when the video is already selected and THEN you can manipulate it?

On the road map link above is an item called “quick effects VUI” (“VUI” means either video or visual user interface), which is similar to this request. It would be a vertical toolbar on the left or right of the player that will add (or select the first) filter for common things that typically have on-video controls such as Size Position & Rotate, Crop: Rectangle, Text: Rich, and White Balance. But I understand your request as I have seen this in other tools. Maybe

Seems to have answered my needs other than sp & r (not primarly satisfied but I think you will do a great job on this one.).