Ideas to fill in silent time with background music


Was curious what the best way (or I’ll take a list of ideas) to save a bunch of time splitting video where the trainer stops talking and dragging audio into that silent spot and having to adjust the fade in/fade out points.

Maybe a very common occurrence that there are faster ways of doing this.

Something like this is explained here:

Use the gain filter on the music clip and raise and lower the volume based on when someone is talking

Here’s how to use keyframes to adjust different filters (including audio gain/volume)
It is a video from a long time ago, so some things have changed, but it serves to understand how this works.

Here is another example of the use of keyframes but applying them to other video filters, but that is extrapolated to the audio filters as well.

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@bentacular & @ejmillan, I really appreciate the comments as far as using the gain filter and even using the gain filter with ‘keyframes’. I think I have to be clear again. I do love that feature and my verbiage should have distinguished what I was really looking for.

What you’ve shown me is ‘Easy’ but I want ‘Fast’. Many people these days who aren’t video editors are doing many jobs including putting together videos. In my case my audience doesn’t have to be wowed but just need a video posted on a certain date. With this thought in mind, if I could write a macro to search a timeline for a certain level of volume, then trigger an audio clip in some way or like you both mentioned, triggering a gain on a 2nd audio track. This way clicking a button or using a hotkey, it would just do a quick and simple effect across the whole video clip.

Make sense? :slight_smile:

Maybe so, but I don’t know how to do that.
Automating the gain in Shotcut is what you ask for.
Currently there is no sidechaining or similar connection in the user interface.

There are some threads on here about exporting your file as audio only, opening in Audacity, and then adding your music there. Use the auto duck feature to control music coming up in the mix during the times when there is no spoken audio.

Easy? Not at first. Fast? Once you get the workflow down.

Thanks @RickS
I was thinking something a little more fancy. Using a tool to scan the video without splitting the audio and creating XML markers in the project file which I can then open in shotcut and see the splits where the time’s are marked.

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So this is a feature request.

@RickS Not unless there aren’t any other ideas. I was hoping for help on alternative ideas to speed up video editing. Specifically quickly putting audio between video tutorials. A volunteer creates a craft and is maybe painting some material and I speed up the time and put music between. If there is a way to quickly cut (and/or fill in those spots with audio) I’d love to learn some techniques. Not critical but just open for suggestions. I was also considering creating a python script that marks up the XML project file but I’d have to find details on how the XML project is setup.

Perhaps what you’re looking for is here:

Source code is here:

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