Auto music volume decreasing/increasing

I have two audio tracks. One is for music, one is for voice (that’s probably quite common configuration for many projects). When there is voice part I would like to decrease music volume a bit. When there are few seconds parts without voice, I would like to make music louder (sometimes it’s just 10 seconds, but sometimes ex. 30 seconds). Sure I can get this effect with cutting music track into small parts and use Gain/Volume filter plus keyframes to get some kind of fading in/out effect (not complete, just increasing/decreasing in few steps to make in smoother). However I’m wondering if there is any simpler automatic way? Some kind of automatic filter which would detect if there is voice or not and this filter would put automatically one of two different gain levels (with some smooth transition)?

Something like this would be a sidechaining that is used in various audio filters (compressors, for example) in VST plug-ins in DAWs

The compressor filter seems to be based on one of Steve Harris’ LADSPA plugins
The LADSPA SC3 filter seems to have the sidechaining option but I don’t see a graphical interface for it in Shotcut.

I may be wrong, but currently this does not seem to be possible automatically in Shotcut via user interface.
I can only advise you for a faster workflow, to use a DAW software you know to place the audio tracks (auxiliary input sidechaining) and the music track where the effect will modulate according to the existence or not of auxiliary input audio
Export that modified audio track and incorporates it into Shotcut.
Note the sampling rate to avoid desynchronization between audio tracks at 44100 Hz and 48000 Hz

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