I export my video in 60fps but it appears to be in 30fps

Portions of my video are recorded in 30fps while the majority is recorded in 60fps. I export my video in 60fps and all the portions which are recorded at 60fps appear to be in 30fps. Can I not just have the ones recorded in 60fps come out 60fps while some parts remain 30fps?

No, it outputs constant frame rate only, and it sounds like you may not know about

If your video mode is 30 fps, and you change Export > Advanced > Video > Frames/sec to 60 you are doing it wrong.

Hello…Whats your expected yield?
I’d propose making a timetable (compound clasp or venture) in light of your planned yield settings for example codec, framerate, and so forth and afterward taking your 60p material and utilizing the “adjust” device to get it to 30p. Presently this will back it off yet then you simply speed it up 2x and that ought to do it.

In the event that you simply take the 60p material and drop it in a 30p timetable FCPX will simply drop casings to get it to 30fps which can look awful.
I’ve done a ton of 60p adjusting for 24p slo-mo playback and a ton of 23.98 - 29.97 changes and the other way around.
Have never needed to change over 60p into 30p with realtime playback yet I’m accepting this ought to get you there.

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