I am not sure what causes this but could i get some help!

I will have three listed pictures here ordered in the following:

Source file (My video recorder)

Shotcut preview

Exported Final from Shotcut

My question is and this has never once happend with the previous videos I have uploaded in the same manor but the quality gets so poor when put into shotcut. I am sad because I spent hours on the videos and even more hours trying to correct it, could you guys maybe snowball some ideas at me?

Thank you for your time!!

What was your source file’s resolution?
What were your settings for Export?
Did you use any video filters?

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Source file says 1920 x 1081 and these two pictures are the current settings, i did try and mess with the codex a whole bunch as to moving the quality and aspect ratios but nothing seemed to do the trick.
First one is the source file
second and third are shotcut

Thanks for the pictures. They help.

I notice that the fps are set in Export as 16 as opposed to the 60 that the source is. How come?

You’re very welcome, that was the default, I just uploaded it like this as a test and nothing changed really.
First picture and second are the settings and the final is what the export looked like.

retrying with 1280x720, maybe matching will help? (update no dice)

Where? I do not see that in your VLC screenshot. I see 1280x720. I assume that is your source file.
What is Settings > Video Mode set to? That is the first step. Make it match your source.

To see what your project is using, click Master (Output in version 20.06 or later) in top left of Timeline and then Properties.

If VLC is correct, then open the project and change Settings > Video Mode to HD 720p 60 fps. Next, you need to review your project since you changed it. Now, you should find Export follows your new project video mode.

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Thank you my man, I really was so confused and that was the fix, it was oddly set wrongly without me messing with it, or I misclicked something like usual haha, take it easy and I really appreciate your help <3

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