How would I make a Star Trek-ish warp speed transition?

I am making a series of videos about local State Parks and it is incredibly boring watching me drive from one amenity to the next.

I would like to know how to make it look like my car went into warp speed to get to the next amenity and and beaming into the next location would also be really cool.

My goal is to make the videos more interesting to watch so I am not married to the Star Trek experience, any ideas would be very welcome.

I am a complete noob, basic instructions please.

GoPro cameras have a shooting mode called TimeWarp that I suggest you try to simulate in Shotcut:

Basically, in Shotcut, you change the speed and add the Stabilize video filter. You can use Properties > Speed, but if you want to accelerate and decelerate use the new Speed: Forward Only time filter. That filter requires using keyframes, which is probably not suitable for noob. Properties > Speed is simple. Just make sure that you finalize the speed before adding Stabilize. In the Stabilize filter, you must click the Analyze button and let its job run.


Thanks, not what I was thinking but really good information. I just speed the driving sections of the video up but didn’t think about trying to make it a gradual increase.

This is a short video. Apolologies for the lack of information.

It might be what you want or might not - I don’t know.

Shotcut seems to lack a lot of the tools for VFX. To do the StarTrek Hyperdrive effect you probably need to have a radial blur which isn’t available.

This was the best that I could do in a short amount of time with Shotcut.

Otherwise, try using the motion-blur filter along with the fisheye filter and some iris transitions and see how you go.

*Replace Enterprise Starships with cars… should work.

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That is really cool, Thanks!

I was thinking first person perspective like what the bridge crew saw on the viewscreen, this is very interesting. I could transition from Point of View to third person view of the car, beam it to the next location and return to POV. If I did it quickly and smoothly it could be really cool!

What do you think of this one? I found a gif online and bought the sound effect from Epidemic Sound. The gif was very short so I butted them together to match the length of the sound.

I have a lot to learn, the gif website said it was free so I assume it is okay to use on a youtube video.

For an easy hyperspace effet you need :
a rain footage, a flip filter and 360: Equirectangular to Stereographic filter
Quick tutorial :

you can use some hyperspace footage too :
stargate and slider style :
old startrek movie style :Ă©toiles-95430/
starwars style :


I never thought of that. That’s very clever. :open_mouth: :+1:


As an alternative to the Star Trek warp travel effect, maybe an Indiana Jones inspired effect could do the trick.

I didn’t have time to work long on this. It could look much better. But you get the idea.
The red line animation is done with Glaxnimate (included in Shotcut). I made a tutorial about this a while ago:

Creating and adding the animation to your driving video involves a few steps. But if you want to give it a try, I’d be happy to guide you trough the process… if you’re not in a hurry :roll_eyes:

@Kamigeek suggestion looks very cool though. It’s simpler and has a lot of potential.


Thanks, this is awesome! I subscribed to your Youtube channel. If you have any other ideas about how to make my videos better, I am wide open to learning.

I would like to reach 1,000 subscribers. I am semi-retired and don’t care about the money, very much, anybody says they don’t care about money is probably lying so I care a little bit about the money but mostly want the stamp of approval saying my videos have value.

I have been studying how to grow a channel on Youtube and it between the hype, gimmicks and get rich quick pitches, it appears the key is to make better videos.

What a great trick!


Mind-blown! That is one hell of a technique, @Kamigeek ! Thank you!! :clap: :grin:


and for a old flash/quick silver effect we can use 360 transfom and zoom :slight_smile:

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It’s basically better story telling.

I looked at a 967andy channel on yt which I assume is yours. I don’t think that it is warp speed transitions that are holding you back.

I’d suggest that you need to develop your story more, and then present it better.

In some ways, it looks like you don’t have a great camera setup. I’m not talking about spending thousands but maybe you are due for an upgrade. Just in the last few years there has been a major improvement in video quality.

Decent lenses are important. Kit lenses aren’t great.

From just $1000 you can get something like a Nikon Z30 and a decent prime lense for $300 and it would make a huge difference.

Maybe you need a telephoto lense to get up close to the animals.

Awesome idea

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I probably should have been more specific, when I say “better videos”, I meant all of it needs improvement, Storytelling, editing, more interesting content, all of it. The transition I wanted was for a specific set of videos where I drive through local State Parks. I have no delusions that a “magic pill” of any sort is going to make a significant difference. I am attempting to improve all facets of my videos.

When you only have 165 subscribers, YT compresses your videos to death and the quality suffers.

I mostly use GoPro 8 black and a Samsung Gear 360 action cameras and shoot is 2k or 1080p. I have big SD cards ad external batteries and shoot at that resolution so I can shoot for extended periods of time while fishing. I have never owned a camera with changeable lenses.

Never heard the number of subscribers, have anything to do with quality of the videoes

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It’s up to you.

This was actually shot on a current-model camcorder with an quite powerful zoom lense. Other people get the same effect by using expensive zoom lenses but it’s much the same thing.

The point is that you get more options to zoom in on wildlife from a long way away and show the animal stories and what they are up to. It’s amazing that it is another world.

You could do a warp speed transition just by speeding up a zoom segment I’m sure and adding a few simple filters.

*I had to cut this video down from something longer to fit it in, so apologies for it being jerky.

My original footage looks pretty good but after YT compresses it, it doesn’t fair very well. I can’t do much about the video quality on YT until I get more subscribers and more watch time. To accomplish that I need to make videos that people actually want to watch. That is my goal, to get better at storytelling, editing, developing better ideas, the whole enchilada needs to improve.

I have been studying how to get better at YT and I have watched numerous videos that said it makes a difference and I can tell from my final review before uploading and how the video looks once it is on YT that I believe it to be true.