How to unblock Rotate&Scale

I’m not big fan of the new filter Size, Position&Rotate (added in version 20.09.13). I definitely preferred older Rotate&Scale and Size&Position. These older filters are still visible in old projects but can’t be used in new ones. Is there any possibility to make them available also for new projects? Probably it’s some kind of simple xml editing but where to search for this part?
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it possible to enable them, but is there a reason why you don’t like the new combined filter?
Is there something you can’t do with the new filter that was previously possible?

One thing I see is that you cannot keyframe zoom. But I don’t remember if that was there in the previous version.

You can. The Zoom parameter affects the Position and Size parameters.

I’d also like the old one back as it seemed to be more intuitive to use. also my 3d text went at the same time. I miss them both, a choice would have been nice or a way of bringing them back.

The News article for the v20.09.13 release doesn’t mention Text: 3D, but it was one of the filters based on QtWebKit technology that had to be removed because Qt is no longer supporting it. That is explained in the article: Shotcut - New Version 20.09.13: Pad Blur and Rich Text Video Filters

so the removal was of filters such as Text: 3D was not done arbitrarily. It had to be done. Plus they clashed with preview scaling which is a very much needed feature for Shotcut.

I would be interested in knowing what you @steven and @ken-wawa don’t like about the new Size, Position and Rotate filter. Does it have to do with the situation mentioned at the start of the thread below?

It should be noted that Rotate & Scale also clashed with preview scaling while the new Size, Position and Rotate does not.

The Size, Position & Rotate filter is superior and more intuitive in many ways:

  1. It is compatible with proxy editing (Offset X and Y in Rotate and Scale were not).
  2. The “Scale” parameter in Rotate and Scale was redundant with the “Size” in Size and Position.
  3. The “Offset” parameters in Rotate and Scale were redundant with the “Position” in Size and Position.
  4. The Zoom parameter in the new filter is almost exactly the same as the old Scale.
  5. The Rotate parameter in the new filter is exactly the same as the old Rotate.
  6. Rotate and Scale had no VUI (controls on top of the video preview).
  7. A rotation handle was added to the Size, Position & Rotate VUI with snapping.
  8. The Size, Position & Rotate VUI lets you zoom using the mouse wheel.
  9. The Size, Position & Rotate VUI lets you rotate using Ctrl+Wheel.
  10. The Size, Position & Rotate VUI lets you rotate using two fingers on a touch pad.
  11. The old Rotate and Scale only rotated around the center point. The new filter lets you rotate around any of 9 points based on the Horizontal and Vertical fit options.
  12. The old Rotate and Scale only scaled while keeping the center stationary. The new filter lets you choose the stationary point using the Horizontal and Vertical fit options.

You are free to use any version you want.

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Oh yeah. Didn’t realize it. Thank you.

Just to check, was it previously possible to keyframe zoom directly with the other filter? I can’t remember!

That is cool. Didn’t try that out at. I will give it a try.

Good that some of you appreciate new filter. However it still doesn’t answer on question how to make old version enabled?

Btw, I use shotcut in Linux Ubuntu as it uses snap. Do you know how to edit shotcut configuration files while using snap?

To perform the same actions as before, you may have to use the new filter twice.

Thanks for help but it’s still not the answer on my question… :frowning:


I’m not going to answer your question again. :rofl:
Here is a workaround. :smiley:
RotateScale200711.mlt (4.2 KB)
Use this MLT with the current version.
Filter is on the 3rd track.
Copy the filter from the track, to any clip/track to use the filter.

Hopefully someone with Linux experience can give you the answer you want. So far 2 months has passed by since your first post. Yes, while nobody has answered directly the exact solution, many have offered to help with the current filter, including me.

I’m only trying to help you to use the current filter so you can complete a project. I’m also writing for others with the same issues.

I’ll be watching the thread to see who can provide the answer.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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