How to match export format to source format?

When I select a video clip and go to properties, I see all the format details (resolution, fps etc). But how can I copy these and apply to set the export format? I usually do it by typing all by hand into export >advanced, and then modify which I need. But I guess there is a less arduous way. I heared that the first file opened, or dragged into timeline (which of both, please?) will define the project setting and then the export default. Is it true that this happens only on the first instance since program start and can not be repeated?. And can we somehow apply the properties from another source clip? Must I select “automatic” in settings before it can automatically catch the format? And where can I see the taken values, and -most important- which of of all the existing format properties have been taken? And why can I sometimes modify the frame rate in the export > advanded window and sometimes not (value will jump back after leaving the numeric input)? Would it be worth to suggest an option in the properties window “copy thess properties to export properties” (or to project settings/ or tp clipboard)?

You can use the Automatic Video Mode

You can even switch it to that or reselect after the clip is already open but only if there is not playlist or timeline.

Is it true that this happens only on the first instance since program start

No, if you start with Automatic, opening a project restores the project video mode. Then, closing returns it to Automatic.

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