How to import plugin

How do i install plugins like this?: New clean, coloured Diagonal Barn Door transition using HTML overlay

I really like this drive of plugins someone made. How would i use these?

I tried using a barn door effect with HTML overlay although the screenshot jonray used used “text (html)” which i don’t have. Also 3D text html crashes shotcut for some reason.

Basically i need to learn how to use .html, webvfx and .qml

See here.

Number 1, thank you.

I actually copied some filters and modified them (volume max to 500 or so for earbreak and zoom to 500) and they seem to work.
Its really just the html i don’t understand. It usually just has one frame of the animation.

I don’t really understand the webvfx thing though… I will have to experiment.

Also do i extract or just use the zip folder?

I did what the link said. This is what happened when i used it on a sample video

It seems as though anything related to HTML just breaks for me

Also when i run the debug html it just says “Waiting for renderer”. Does that mean anything?

For a simple description of filters see here:

This also shows a very simple HTML filefor use in the Overlay HTML filter. Jonray has put together some tutorials on how to use my framework to create animation filters, see:

My new Overlay HTML tutorial - rerecorded and edited

This is the name of the filter from Shotcut version 1906 onwards, prior to that it was called the Overlay HTML Filter.If you are not using the 1906 version I recommend upgrading to it if you can. There were quite a few changes made that sort out previous problems with HTML to do with transparency.

I got the transitions to work as well as anything with qml.
What do i do for things like the sniper scope? I get the meta info but no ui info and i am guessing HTML overlay is useless for that.

You just download the ZIP file. unzip in Shotcut’s filters folder, restart Shotcut and the filter is available for use. If you look in the sniper scope filter’s folder you will see the necessary filter file as well as the UI.qml and meta.qml.

Hi @Rage300, this useful collection of user-created plugins was kindly uploaded by regular forum contributor @sauron. Credit should be duly given to him and his good work.

PS @elusien’s sniperscope is great fun :laughing::smile: !!:

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