How to export vertical video?

I’m editing a vertical video from my phone. When I export it changes it to wide screen or if I flip the resolution shrinks it to half the size so there’s a black bar all the way around. I saw online beta 19.02 had an option but I can’t find it on either of the versions?


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Dis you choose one of the vertical video modes at the beginning of your project? See here:

Thank you! Didn’t realize as it opened vertical, is there any way to change the old file to save correctly or copy the contents as it’s a lot of chopped video?

You can change Video Mode of an existing project. That is more reliable now but still with same limitations.

I don’t have the non-broadcast option at all should it be there? I’m on version 20.11.28

You get to it via the menu “Settings->Video Mode” , it is the penultimate item.

P.S. make a copy of your .mlt file before doing this - just in case.

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I love that video. It makes me laugh. I used to be a horizontal purist. Then a few (very few) niche cases started coming around. The most compelling to me was clothing manufacturers making vertical demo videos for selling products on sites like Amazon. Since the human body is vertical and a phone screen is vertical, it makes sense to have a vertical demo video. Using all of the vertical screen space maximizes product detail. Not much is lost for horizontal screens either since nothing related to the product would be on the sides anyway. I still prefer horizontal for the vast majority of things, but I defer to “use the right tool for the job” and sometimes (very rarely) that tool is vertical. Took me a long time to accept it. Thankfully, the demise of the Quibi video service should reassure us that vertical movies still aren’t accepted very well by the general population.

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Didn’t you hear vertical is the new horizontal lol

I cannot determine if this Vertical Video Syndrome video is serious or a parody. I thought it was a parody of the vertical video complainers because they show many compelling usage of vertical video shots and raise so many absurd arguments. Yet most of the comments are anti-vertical with the occasional serious defense comment.

I suggest someone to make a Glitch Effect Syndrome video. It is so 2020. It is an interesting phenomenon that it peaked in trendiness in one of the worst years ever.

I woke up this morning feeling young. Thank you for breaking the truth to me gently. :rofl:

Maybe everyone felt 2020 itself was a glitch in whatever cosmic process was supposed to keep parallel universes isolated.

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I took the video as a parody. Sort of like how we all existed fine without widescreen, then one year, widescreen was the normal.

Social media sites don’t seem to encourage landscape videos at all. YouTube had seen this coming and changed their acceptance to any resolution. There doesn’t seem to be one size fits all any longer for video, rather it’s more specific to site/function.

I have wanted to make the suggestion to push Vertical/Square Video Modes to the first ones seen for switching video modes. At least have a drop-down folder menu’s for each Vertical/Square. Currently they are deeply hidden in a sub menu.

I think the glitch trend came from tiktok, as did the recent mass move to vertical content! It’s a pretty bad app that’s made big changes in social media and marketing

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