How to deliberately distort voice so it is not easily recognized

I have some footage of a VM that i made into a short video and want to use in a presentation or post. It is a 50sec long and I prefer that the voice is somewhat distorted so that the off chance that someone knows the person it would not easily be recognized. It is like to increase the speed of the clip to 150% like what recently WhatsApp made, or to pass the clip through some distortion filter like they make on TV when the interviewee does not want to be recognized.

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You can increase speed by going to the properties tab and changing the parameters of this:-
images (17)

And for making it unrecognizable, you could use the filters of audacity, because it is a audio editing software. And this will make your voice totally different.

This is a very quick result of changing voice in Audacity:-



Did you find a solution?

This will distort all sound that’s on the source file, not just voice.

audio pitch

For Dr. Who fans, here is a solution:

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