Pitch Audio Filter

The Pitch filter lets you change how high or low the sound is with respect to frequency (not loudness).


One may use this effect to disguise a voice or create a silly sounding voice. It is very useful to use in conjunction with the Speed option in Properties, which inherently changes the pitch. Thus, this filter can be used to correct the pitch. You can simply copy the speed value from Properties to the Speed Compensation parameter in the Pitch filter!

The Octave Shift parameter is a different way to represent the change in musical form. There are 6 whole steps in music between each octave. Thus, each whole step corresponds to increments or decrements of 0.1666. For example, to change the pitch from A to B, set the Octave shift to 0.166666. There are twelve half-steps (semitones) in an octave. For example, to change the pitch from A to Bb, set the Octave Shift to 0.083333 (1/12).


Has this filter been renamed? Or does it need to be installed as an add-on (if so how?)
The screenshot above looks exactly what I need, but when I go to Filters > Audio on my track, there is no such filter called “Pitch” in the list, it goes from “Pan” to “Reverb”.

I know how to do this with Audacity, it’s just that it’s a bit of a pain to export, change Tempo, export, add track - for something that can apparently (and should) be a one-click operation.

Oops, I wasn’t using the latest version of the product. Just upgraded, found the Pitch filter, with a nice Pitch Compensation checkbox added next to the Speed property. Nicely done!

Is there any way to get a finer pitch control? Background: I’m editing a virtual orchestra and it would be cool to be able to correct intonation - this would require pitch control in something like cent scale (1/100th of a semitone), but the smallest adjustment possible right now seems to be one semitone.

Btw I love the software, keep up the good work!

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I have used this filter and after that action, I was faced with something like that problem described in this topic. Text filter disappears
I can actually export the video while I still editing the project. But unfortunately, when I opened this project, Shotcut was just automatically crashed and closed.

I also tried to fix it by editing this file and deleting filters, but it doesn’t help.

So my question is - how I can manage to use that filter properly without getting into such trouble? Why is it happening?

Thanks to all, who can help with this.

can you tell me where to start the editing thing

I don’t understand why we need to set the value to 1. It would be better to set it to an integer of -12-+12. The decimal number 0.083333 is a headache.

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