How to check if your Graphics Card is compatible on Windows

On some older Windows systems, the splash screen will appear and then close without ever opening Shotcut. If this is happening to you, it may be because your graphics system is not compatible. Here is how you can check your graphics systems compatibility:

  1. Press the Windows Key
  2. Type “dxdiag” and press enter (wait for the window to open)
  3. Click on the “Display” tab (or “Display 1” if you have multiple monitors)
  4. Look at the “Feature Levels” on the right side under Drivers

If the feature levels do not include “11_0”, then your system is not compatible.


Not Compatible:

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This is an alternative solution: if your Windows does not support actual version of Shotcut, try to install any Linux distribution in Dual-Boot mode on the same configuration. On my Windows 10 22h2 (CPU: Core i5 Intel® Core™ i5-2450M CPU @ 2.50GHz / Memory: 15.5 GiB of RAM / Graphics Processor: GeForce GT 520MX) Shotcut 23.06.14 stopped running, but on the same hardware in Kubuntu 22.04 (Shotcut 23.06.14 from snap) it works correctly. :+1:

Great! It,s work! :+1:
Beta 23.07 success runing :slightly_smiling_face:

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