[Solved] Laptop Updated (W10) but now Shotcut fails to load due to Qt6Gui.dll

I’ve been using Shotcut on my laptop for the last year or so. Everything has been fine.

I haven’t used my laptop in a while but today I fully updated my Windows 10 install, updated my antivirus software, ran a scan etc. etc.

Then I tried Shotcut which failed to load giving the error “Shotcut video editor has stopped working” just after, telling me on the splash screen that it was ‘loading plugins’.

I’ve uninstalled Shotcut, rebooted, downloaded the latest version and reinstalled Shotcut.

My present Shotcut version is unknown, (as doesn’t load) but the installer was shotcut-win64-230614

My OS is Windows 10 22H2 (19045.3155)

Bug is repeatable, every time.

Attempted to load Shotcut, as normal user or even as administrator, both crash.


shotcut-log.txt (33.2 KB)

Investigating this further I found that the event view fingers the error to be Qt6Gui.dll, I’ve investigated Qt GUI 6.5.1 however I feel this must be something included with the Shotcut install and maybe I shouldn’t be installing this?

Unsure, so looking to you for advise please, my thanks in advance.

Oh and I tried the bottom check box on the last reinstall attempt!

Link : i.postimg.cc/XN9FW7Vq/reinstall-options.jpg

EDIT : Also, I’ve tried all the ‘Compatibility’ settings, Windows Vista, W7 etc. and with the same results.

SFC /SCANNOW detected and repaired something but unfortunately it still refuses to run.

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Thanks for your prompt reply…

As mentioned before, Shotcut used to run on this laptop… however, I followed your request…

You upgraded to a version of Shotcut that is not compatible with your GPU. The last version that is compatible with your hardware is 22.12.

See here for the download instructions for older versions:

Thank-you so much, I certainly appreciate your help. Kind regards!

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