How-To Challenge: Animated concentric circles

As a follow-up to this @jonray post, I’d like to propose this other challenge to anyone interested.

I guess it’s a two part challenge in fact.

First part is to create these white animated concentric circles on a black background.
I only used Shotcut to create them. No external software.

Second part: After exporting the animation, overlay the resulting clip on any background and change the color of the circles. The circles must stay opaque. Alternate the colors. One of the colors must be black.

(Sorry for the low resolution of this clip, I had to downsize it to meet the 4-meg limit of the forum)

If you find the solutions, don’t share your method yet. Only post the results of your attempts.


Glaxnimate allowed? Or try to implement without it?

I didn’t use Glaxnimate, but it’s your call. Would be interesting (and informative) to see how it’s done using it.

I accepted this challenge and did it without glaxnimate :grinning:


That was fast! :flushed:
Good work!

You obviously had no problem with part one of the challenge.

What about part 2? :slight_smile:

Accepted) I decided to add a little of my creativity, if you don’t mind)))

I don’t mind creative additions of course :slight_smile:

But I did mention this in part 2:

Your overlaid circles are translucent and I don’t see black in your colors

Sorry I didn’t read the terms carefully. This is interesting, I need to figure out how to do it)

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Damn, I’d love to have a go at this but right now I’m doing a project which has a (sort of) time deadline. I’ll watch the results with interest and try to participate if and when I can find some time. Great idea, @musicalbox, and yes I was going to mention that @Hudson555x had talked about a challenge category.

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@ MusicalBox
You made me think and I succeeded :star_struck:


Perfect now. :+1:
I do like the different colors of each circle. That’s a nice addition.

I’m also curious to see if you used the same method I did to create the circles

I used 4 filters to create a circle and animate them.
And by the way, I didn’t pre-render the circles to overlay on the video, I was too lazy to do it))

Aaaaahh !!! don’t reveal the method yet… let’s give a chance to others to give it a try

Well I’ll wait. But if needed, I can share the MLT file of the project later :slight_smile:

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If you don’t mind, I want to make this task more difficult.
Generate such a background with shotcut filters without using any third-party programs or resources.


That’s an interesting effect.
I’ll give it a try later today. Intriguing :slight_smile:

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Voici la première partie.
Pour la seconde je suis bloqué, l’OP n’a pas fourni la vidéo de la dame sur la plage :weary:

Here is the first part.
For the second part I am blocked, the OP did not provide the video of the lady on the beach :weary:


Well done @Namna
Bien joué @Namna

Ha ha ha!
But I did mention this: “overlay the resulting clip on any background”
Mais j’ais tout de même mentionné ceci: “superposer le clip résultant sur n’importe quel arrière-plan”

Raté ! Moi qui pensait pouvoir vous extorquer vos vidéos de jolies filles :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Vous aurez donc droit à un arrière plan banal :roll_eyes:

Missed! I thought I could get your videos of pretty girls :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
So you’ll have a banal background :roll_eyes:

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My attempt (no Glaxnimate, no HTML/CSS)