How to Apply a Cinematic Speed Ramp Transition on Shotcut - Has Anyone Else Run Into the Shown Issue?

One of the most popular cinematic transition is speed ramping. Unfortunately, it is not yet available on Shotcut, but fear not. I found a workaround to creating a speed ramp transition on Shotcut.

As I was executing this technique, I ran into a glitch as seen in the video. Is this a bug? Is it Shotcut not knowing how to fill in missing frames?



I’ve done this “speed ramp” in the past, but never had the issue with the one frame left over. I was using a solid 60fps video when doing the speed ramp.
This is what I mean by solid: shotcut_2020-10-19_15-25-13

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Yes. As @MusicalBox had suggested, maybe it had something to do with the FPS I was using. It may not be equally divisible thus Shotcut adding frames. Because most of my videos try to replicated the cinematic style, I have no choice but to set my timeline to 23.98 fps. I guess I can first create the entire edit on a 30 or 60 FPS timeline, render then re-open at 23.98 fps, but I’ll end up doing extra work.

I tried to replicate both techniques on a 30 and 60 FPS timeline

Now I fully understand what you’re getting at. I was thinking that extra frame was something else. As per your example, at 60fps, I don’t think I would have seen noticed it. I did the ramp once, and never did it again, lol. I’ll have to see if I can find the video I did it on. I’m not sure what version it would have been as it’s been well over a year ago.

Both my source video and video mode matched fps exactly.

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Yeah, It’s hard to match it exactly. Even a GoPro that says 24 or 60 if you check the properties it’s actually 23.98 and 59.94.

But it shouldn’t matter since theoretically because the video mode forces whatever you drag to the timeline to fit the FPS.

With the beta version, I don’t get the extra frame with a 60fps solid video.

“175” is shown in the last frame of the clip with 4x speed, before that in steps of 4: 179, 183, 187 etc. The next clip is “176”
speedy gonzo.mlt (5.0 KB)
Video used:

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Gah! I’m cursed

Try creating an 8x, 16x and 32x on the same clip

Hi @bentacular - another very cool tutorial! A useful, modern transition which I will be using in future projects. As ever, well done and THANK YOU!! :+1: :+1:

PS I’m not surprised you subscribers are up to 645!! Not long to go!! :wink:

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Thank you for your awesome compliment! Yup! It’s chugging along slowly but surely. I don’t even care about monetization. It’s just this goal I’m trying to take down. Soooooo close…

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Nice tutorial! Unfortunately the bug is still there in Shotcut 21.03.21, with this 4K drone video.

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