How is frame size defined in presets?

I want to create a special preset for videos 1280x720 and mp4. I copied the file share/mlt/presets/consumer/avformat/MPEG-4, saved it with a new name and changed some entries (ab and vb). But how can I set the video size?
The files …/avformat/hdv_720_25p/HDV and …/avformat/hdv_1080_25p/HDV are exactly the same files except the entry “”, but this is only a name and has no other influence. How does Shotcut know the frame size if I select one of both presets?

Information on creating a custom Video Mode can be found here:
(Scroll down to Custom)

If the sub-folder containing the preset also matches a profile defined in share/mlt/profiles, then it loads it from there. MLT profiles correspond to Video Mode in Shotcut. See this MLT doc about profile and related consumer properties (lines in Shotcut export preset):

Meanwhile I discovered the “+” button below the preset window and saved my settings in a custom preset. This is actually a better solution than to open a mlt file because it is only 1 mouse click. So my problem is solved.

Sorry, I don’t want to go too deep into those details because I prefer Win10 and Premiere, but I installed Linux Mint on the notebook of my wife and I want to give her something which is easy to use without much knowledge.

I must say that I tried several free video editing programs, but Shotcut is the best of all!

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