How do I blend two clips?

So if I have two video clips, clip A is actually a cover SS (still image), which I want clip B, a video, to come out of the SS from a specific spot, and a small citcle, so as the video comes out, it “fades into Full screen” covering over the still image it came from.

I know how to use fade filters. And sure I can have Clip B on track 2, overlay 4 seconds or whatever and fade IN clip over Opacity, while fading the SS out from Opacity, but the two cover entire screen, and this particular video project, I’m not wanting that.

The SS will have multiple still images I’ll be refferencing in multiple topics on my video project, and I was hoping as I’m talking over project, all that’s seen on video is SS, but as I introduce into each topic specifically, a small circle video fades in opacity within one of the many images, and that video blends to full screen, no longer seeing the still image SS for few minutes and than video fades back out and the SS is back to do so again for a different part of image, different clip.

Is this possible? Some one please explain? OR lead me to the proper How to Video? thanks.
I watched some videos on blending, and that doesn’t seem to cover what I want. Maybe blending is, if I can find the right mode? Blending if I understand is dragging one clip over second clip, both overlapping, on same track, and getting a X symbol between the two covering the common space on track, and you open Properties, and you have different blending Modes? I’ve experimented with that, but I can’ add a filter to it and crop it or change size so it just blends in a small circle, not entire screen.
EVENTUALLY I want it to go to entire screen, after 6 or so seconds, but the first of the fade in, i want a small circle.

I want it almost to look like the Still image I’m going to refer to in video comes to life as I start to discuss that image??


Can you share an example of what you want to achieve? I read your description 2 times but I still have no clear idea of what you are talking about. If you saw this blending effect in some existing video, please give us a link, and mention the time where we can find that effect.

What does SS stands for?

It’s incredibly hard to understand your post, but from what I understand, you just want to create a transition between the still image and video. With the video being the size of the still image first and then gradually fill the whole screen as circular fade in. Correct?
Check this topic out for help:-

This covers that circle part, and maybe can help you mask the footage so it opens as the circle gradually. Btw, you would have to get duplicate if the video onto one more track to make it work. The first track which is below should be cropped to size of the image. And the other one, that is on upper track should be normal size, covering the canvas, so it can opened with the masking trick.

Do you want the video to be squeezed (scaled down to fit) within a circle, or cropped by a circle?

Two images shown… I use the blank Kaleidoscope “guide/filter” in my GIMP image editor, to make Still images similar to the example (ignore the details of the image, not pertinent here) shown.
I’m on YT, continuing to try and grow my channel, playing video games of all sorts! Shot cut has been a big part of that, making those videos with Shotcut, for years now.
What I’m hoping to achieve for my next project is sort of a self promo commercial, using the Kaleidoscope guide to make a still image logo of 6 categories of games I play and show, and using that still image in the video, I want to have short segments of game play come out out the SS (Screen shot) of that image. So instead of blending entire screen from one image/video to another full screen, which I’ve done plenty of times, I am hoping there’s a way of creating a transition, where a video can start as a small circle transitioning from within each segment of that Image (kaleidoscope), and that small circle transitions to full screen and video plays on for a short bit while I talk about the clip, or game, or category. As that video fades out back to the same still image logo, and I introduce next topic, after a few seconds of looking at the still image again, it transitions into another video from a different point of still image.
Keep in mind, unlike the sample image shown, I’ll have 6 still images of different games within that Kaleidoscope. So one slice of it might show ss of Civ VI, another slice will show Starcraft, another slice will show City Skylines, another shot will show World of Warships, and SS of two other games, RPG or something else.

Hoping I can do that for all 6 points of image, 6 different games or topics, I can make a self promo commercial of myself and all the games I play, to use as a YT self Promo!

I don’t know how to make that small transition of a video starting small and transition to full screen. I doubt the small size video as it fades in would match the pie slice of each SS image, but I figured I’d make it as a perfect circle big enough to fit in the larges size of each slice, would be sufficient. SO to clarify, within the video lasting 4-5 minutes (i guess, idk length yet), I want to make 6 different transitions corresponding with each slice of the Kaleidoscope image. Each transition coming out of a different slice. Prior to each transition video will just show the Image i made for it, and the transition would probably take 6-10 seconds or so from starting to fade in as small circle inside the slice, to full screen!

ALL of this is explaining what I’m hoping to accomplish. I just don’t know if it’s possible, and that’s why I’m here!

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Hey that’s easy to do @DaddyDman , it just needs some very basic masking, and the topic I linked earlier (however that topic was made before the release of pen mask) also helps with the same thing. You can use pen mask to do that. Maybe @jonray or @MusicalBox could provide a video tutorial on this (they are very good at making video tutorials) , I am not myself very great at Glaxnimate, however I can provide a basic idea of it in after effects, you can refer to that too if you know how to do the same in glaxnimate. First mask the clip to fit the still image size, then open the mask clockwise in circular rotation to open that, then close it with anti-clockwise rotation. Do the same for others.

Ps:- I didn’t read your full post, just saw the image, and automatically knew what you wanted :sweat_smile:
If you were to attach the two images before, it would have made it so easy to understand, even if you were to write unga-bunga language “still image, match video, circle transition, full screen” it would have been so easier just because of these images. There’s a reason people use visual aids to make things appealing.

NOT Quite… I’m thinking your explaining something different? Maybe, idk! Sorry if my posts, messages are rather detailed, it seems to be the only way I know how to get a point across! Unfortunately a curse, as nobody reads them!

If this makes it a little more clear??
I edited my Kaleidescope draft image with detail to try and explain my “Vision”!

Same Kaleidescope image used earlier, just with details added. The circle and the numbers would not be seen in final draft of image in video, just the pie sliced lines as seen in the original blank.
Six different slices = different images = depicting 6 different gaming scenes.
Out of each, seperate transitions, a min or so apart between, a video corresponding with each image comes out of (I guess we’ll say an invisible circle), as shown in “Image 01, Video 01 circle”. To be clear, moments before the transition video seen, it’s only the still image, and no knowledge of video (although it’s all taking place with in parent video, I’ll be talking over still image leading into first transition video). Suddenly a video starts fading in from Image 01 in the circular space designated Video 01, and as that video fades in, transitions smoothly to cover whole screen, so all the video shows is what came out of video 01. shortly after, it fades away from full screen to reveal the still image again, which I’ll continue to talk over, until I introduce video 02, which would transition from a similar sized invisible circle in Image 02 (not shown, I figured by now that it would be clear), and I’d do the same thing.

Each seperate video would transition from it’s own respective spot as shown on the still image. Each would not be known of, or seen, til i set it to fade in.
To anyone thinking (well that’s dumb, one won’t see the details) to which I would explain to them, that’s not the point. First moments of each short clip coming out of Video 01 - 06 wouldn’t be important compared to what the main video as a whole is showcasing, showing off the games I play, with Scenes from those videos, while I’m talking about each.

I just can’t figure out the transition steps, starting in the small circle, growing to full screen. And understanding the setup enough to repeat for all 6 short videos!
Thanks for reading.
Sorry if too long.

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I did read you post thoroughly after replying, but not before replying.

I would post an example in a while of what I am talking about, however I would be using after effects for it as I am not really good at masking with glaxnimate in shotcut.

By in a while, I mean tomorrow, I am working on a tutorial right now. :sweat_smile:
It’s about making a moon in blender.

Btw, I saw that transition in History’s biggest tech, or maybe similar named show on History TV. The circular still image transition you are talking about.

@DaddyDman, I had an hour to spend and came up with this:

If this looks like what you have in mind, here’s a quick description of what I did. Sorry, but I don’t have time to create a detailed step by step video tutorial.

  • I created the kaleidoscope background image in Photoshop.
  • From Photoshop I also exported a PNG image of just the kaleidoscope lines, on a transparent background.
    Each slice of the pie is a capture of each video clip’s first frame.
  • Import the background image in Shotcut, on track V1 and make it as long as the project duration.
  • Add the first video clip on track V2
  • Add a Mask: Draw (Glaxnimate) filter to the clip.
  • In Glaxnimate, use the Draw Bezier tool to draw a triangular mask around the first slice of pie.

This mask will hide every part of the clip that is outside the slice of pie.

  • Back in Shotcut, add a Mask: Simple Shape filter to the clip (below the Mask: Draw (Glaxnimate) filter)
  • Set Operation to Add
  • Set Shape to Ellipse
  • Set Softness to 0
  • Move the mask inside the slice of pie and adjust its size so that it doesn’t extend beyond the edges of the slice.
  • Move the Playhead to the first frame of the clip and enable Keyframes.
  • Move the Playhead ½ a second forward and add a Keyframe at that position.
  • Move the Playhead ½ a second forward and add another Keyframe at that position.
  • Increase the size of the mask so that the circle completely covers the screen.
  • Go to the end of the clip and add keyframes to reduce the mask to its original small size, inside the slice of pie.

The last step is to add the PNG image (with kaleidoscope lines) on track V3, and make it as long as the clip.

  • Copy the Mask: Simple Shape filter from the clip below.
  • Paste the filter on the PNG clip.
  • Change *Operation to Substract

To see why I added this step, download my project file (see the ZIP link below), open it in Shotcut and hit Play. Play it again with Track V3 hidden and see the difference. It just prevents having to be super accurate when drawing the rectangular mask with Glaxnimate (first steps above).

Repeat these steps for each clips of the pie.
Here’s my project MLT (with project files), in case you want to have a look at it. (4.5 MB)


I create this using Mask: Simple Shape with keyframes for Position/Size plus a Fade In Video using opacity. Note that here I interpret circle with a crop behavior.

The trick is the end key frame simply needs to be very large and roughly centered. I zoomed out the player to 10% to make sizing that easy.

Fade out and back to a small circle is simply a reverse of these.

Here is a variation where I scaled the image as well. All I did for that was add a Size, Position & Rotate filter with keyframes for Position/Size similar to the Mask, but the ending keyframe was simply 100% at 0,0. I used the Distort mode too and added easing.


Brilliant result, @musicalbox, and thanks for the detailed description and MLT file.
I was wondering how to crop a triangular shape in Shotcut… answer… do it in Glaxnimate instead… :laughing:

Thanks @shotcut for this method!

Thanks to all of you! I haven’t ever used or messed with Keyframes til now! So I’ve watched a few YT ers talking about keyframes. so that’s a new thing for me.
I haven’t used Graxnimate before this either, so that will be something new to figure out.
Big help! Hopefully I have it done soon, another day or two. I will share it here when I am.
I like the full slice view coming to life vs the circle, I didn’t realize that the mask’s allowed cutout of shapes to be replaced by other video feeds, so I’m sure I’ll find that helpful in many videos. But for this one, I think i will definitely use the full slice of pie (vs the circle within) to bring each video out from their image.

Now, I just have to practice a few techniques and samples, and play around with it, til I learn enough to put it together.

Yes, that way is easier. And frankly it looks better than my method. I tried to make mine look like what I understood from your descriptions, but I didn’t find it to be a very nice looking effect in the. But of course, if it encouraged you to start learning how to use keyframes (and Glaxnimate) it’s a win.

Hi @DaddyDman , something like this maybe? It would be a lot easier than trying to mask the slices of pie. I only had time to keyframe one image - you would have to repeat this with the other 5 clips.


Hi @DaddyDman - just to add that using keyframes with “easing” (rather than “linear”) gives a really nice subtle effect… I used Ease In/Out Cubic in the demo video (previous post).

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Hi @DaddyDman - Here’s another idea. Use rectangles instead of pie slices. Might be easier - however having said that the timeline is still quite complex! (See below). I used colour clips but they can be replaced with videos. Note, on the timeline I used a transparent clip on the top track with splits - as a “timer” track to help get the timing right.



One of the possible animation options that can be implemented using only the “mask from file” filter


Réalisé avec une ancienne version de SC

Made with an older version of SC


A variation on your suggestion @jonray

Round thumbnail instead of rectangle ones.
And a few less tracks used :wink: (see the end of the clip)


@dimadjdocent, @Namna, @MusicalBox - Cool variations!!