How clip videos

on twitch you

press clip button > dragdrop slider to start end points > clip

3 steps

what are steps to clip videos on this?

please just list the steps

looking for the easiest simplest video editor, if this doesnt do this, please let me know

When the video is in the player, press I for the start point and O for the end point.

By the way, you should go to the Tutorials part of the website and watch the videos there to understand how to use Shotcut. Click on where it says Tutorials at the top of this page to go to it.

The steps are in the first sentence. What’s not clear?

Those aren’t “the full steps” because the rest of the instructions I wrote are:

@DRM answered as basic to what your question is. Going through the video tutorials will greatly help you understand how to use Shotcut.

Once you have defined the in/out points, you can export it to a video file.

If you want to edit the clip, or do other actions keep reading.

Going a bit further than DRM’s instructions, this how you put a defined selection into the playlist. You can also drag the selection from the Source viewer to the timeline.

then lists 7 incorrect ones

dont wanna have to press i and o

You do not have to.

just want a ‘clip’ button

Do you mean the easy button?

  1. open
  2. drag >| to change start
  3. drag |< to change end
  4. Export > Export File
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You have 2 choices how to set the in and out points. It is your choice on which method is best for you.

  1. Press I for In and O for Out
  2. Drag the arrows.

2 Methods for getting to the exact frame you want to set In/Out points.

  • A. In the source viewer, click where you want to start/stop then set with option 1 above.
  • B. Typing in the exact spot in the timecode window, or scrolling up/down, or various other keyboard shortcuts for controlling the playback in the source viewer. Then option 1 above.
    Timecode is HH:MM:SS:FF (FF are frames, determined by your Video Mode)

Already shown how to export in my previous post.

this doesnt clip well

  1. it doesnt loop back to where you started clipping the vid - like it does on twitch - how to make it do that?
  2. when you press space, it plays pass end point - it’s suppose to play from the start point
  3. how do you play the beginning of the clip? it’s suppose to do that when we press space like in other apps
  1. Looping playback is not yet available.
  2. No, it is not supposed to do that. It is supposed to do what I want because I wrote it - not you or Twitch.
  3. Learn and explore instead of requiring someone to hold your hand.

I am done with you and this thread. Shotcut is already easy for this task, but it is never going to do exactly what you want how you want it. Write your own tool and show the world how awesome you are.