Help with proper up convert settings

Hello friends…

I am trying to use Shortcut to up convert some 480p and 1080p videos to 4K.

I decided to experiment with a short (8 minute) Disney cartoon on youtube that I down loaded. It is this one:

The above video is in 240p.

I import the video into Shortcut. Then I click on Settings and then Video Mode. At first I selected 720p, 60 fps. Then I clicked on export file. It exported it in 720p, but it only looked very slightly better. The file was a MP4 file.

Next I selected 1080p @ 24 fps (I am in the US). Again, the 1080p file was only very slightly better.

So the last thing I tried was 2160 @ 24 fps. Again, I saw little difference between the original 240p file and the 2160 @ 24 fps.

I am sure I could use additional settings. Is a video or a manual that talks about how to correctly use up converting in Shortcut available? And if so, can someone post a link?

If no help file or video is available, can anyone give me any advice on some additional settings I can try? In the past I used davinci resolve 16. But now DR is on version 18.6 and the learning curve is huge.

Any help or links appreciated

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You can’t just upscale 240p to 4k and expect the quality to be better suddenly, that would be magic. You can play around with various filters like sharpness, colour grading, contrast, denoise etc and find some combination that will make the video a tiny bit better.

Also, never change the original framerate! Pretty much all TVs know to output 25 fps even if it just automatically converts 25 to 30.

Thank you for your help. Most of the film I would like to up convert it either 1080p or 2.7K that my drone shoots. I picked the Disney cartoon to learn how to up convert using Shortcut.

Under what setting can I find the sharpness, colour grading, contrast, denoise etc that you speak of?

Do you know of any videos or a manual that goes into detail on up converting with Shortcut??

I shoot 16mm motion picture film and a little bit of 35mm. When I have it digitized, I receive it at 24 fps. Can I import Apple ProRez file format into Shortcut?

Thank you again for your help,


There are some pretty good posts on the forum about film restoration. Here are a few you might like:


Hello… Thank you both for all the good information! I just watched the youtube video. I will check out the other things that were talked about re up converting. Guess I will skip any cartoons and only work with 480 or 1080 and up. I don’t think I have anything I need to upconver that is 480, but i might.

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