Help fixing blurry video

I have been working on a 3 hour video and it’s blurry and ghostly looking in certain scenes. Other times it looks ok. Is there a way I can fix this without re-editing all over again from the source camcorder? There are like a thousand ways I could go about this and I don’t know where the best is to start…thanks.

Does the Video Mode (timeline resolution) match the source clips?

As for ghostly, I don’t know of any property mismatch that would cause that. Is the ghosting in the source itself and you’re trying to remove it? We would need a screenshot to even make a guess what to do about it.

Austin…hi and thank you. I will try to give as much detail as I can. I have a digital Canon camcorder and loaded up everything into Shotcut I wanted to use. The original video is crystal clear and is still clear when loaded into shotcut, however as I kept editing video in the timeline-parts of it would look pixilated/blurry like it’s losing it’s quality.

After editing I would save it as a high profile and export video. There’s an ADVANCED way to save it but I always used EXPORT.

I checked the settings and I have Resolution set at 720 by 480.
Aspect Ratio at 16 by 9
It’s running at 29,970030 frames per second
Scan Mode is in PROGRESSIVE mode
Interpolation is set at BLINEAR (GOOD)

Does any of that have anything to do with it?? Is anything set wrong? Can I change it?



Hmm, looks like you’re editing some SD footage. Since the resolution is so low, it is very likely that the quality parameter will need to be increased. Start with the “H.264 High Profile” preset. Then, on the Export panel, click the Advanced button > Codec tab > Quality and set to around 70% or possibly higher. The lower the source resolution, the higher the quality has to be to retain detail during export.

The other thing to change is the interpolation mode, from bilinear to bicubic.

However, these affect the export, not the live preview. If quality is going down during preview, something else is going on. Is Preview Scaling turned on? Or proxy mode? Are there any filters on the Output track? Does the blurry video file look blurry when played by a different media player outside of Shotcut?


Hi and thanks. When I would first view video before exporting it, it would look fine just like from the camera source (no different). Quality would start diminishing after exportation and editing. I will have to start over I guess and I will do what you suggest. I really had no idea I probably had the settings not set to SD standards. I don’t think anything is turned on that is causing this to happen to exported video (as some footage is ok looking but others is messed up). Thanks…

John Paul

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