Hardware Encoding - Not Found

Hello there,

We are starting to do some video editing, and we are mainly trying if we like it, before spend money in new rig.

We are trying to use our (quite old) Acer desktop and everything works flawlessy, but obviously the rendering time is quite long.

We would like to try the “Use hardware encoder” option during export, but we face some problems:

  • If I click the checkbox, the message “Nothing found” appears
  • If I open “Configure…”, and select one of the options (tried them all one by one), The resulting video is black (but with audio)

Now, I would like to know if I’m missing something somewhere (system settings, drivers, something stupid perhaps…) or what else.

My system configuration:

  • Windows 10 64 bit
  • shotcut 18.11.18
  • Acer Desktop with:
    8 GB RAM DDR-3 1333
    Nvidia GeForce GT 320 (1GB)
    SSD drive

Many thanks for the huge job: as a software developer, I know how much work there’s inside :slight_smile:

The software is really a joy to use. We tried some other free/open editors, but this one is the best mix between features and usability.

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I’ve already started a thread on this.

Hallo Hudson thanks for the reply.

I’ve seen your topic, but my case looks like to be different as selecting any of the checkboxes the video will not export correctly (black screen).
My real question is how can I know if the (old) GT 320 should be supported or not.

And there was another post concerning Shotcut version 18.11.13 (which has been replaced with version 18.11.18)

You didn’t specify which version you have, but the above post does similar to your issue.

Again, thanks for finding this. I looked for in the forum, but didn’t see this second thread.
So it looks like I’m not alone…

I edited the original post adding the version used (18.11.18)

NVENC is not supported on this card:

Do not forget to click “a complete list” on that page to see all.
You did not specify your Intel chip in order to check Quick Sync Video, but if that card is any indication of the overall age of your system, it is unlikely to be supported:

Many thanks, the system is older than my son :slight_smile:

Will upgrade to a new system soon…

I have a modest nvidia GT710 about one year old. I just Exported an NTSC SD project about 43 minutes long and it took just about 15 minutes! This new GPU Export support is wonderful! It should be worth the upgrade - even with a modest video card.

Update: Currently, $44 USD at Amazon - a bargain!


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My 7-years-old Nvidia Geforce GTX 570 has no encoding chip. I’m generally not much interested in graphic cards, as I never played computer games. But now, my grandson will make fun of me: I’ll be interested in purchasing a graphic card for the firs time in my life.

A bit more expensive yet still affordable on Amazon France: €49.49.

Yes, Francois, a newer video card, even a modestly priced one will give these results. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Shotcut supported the GPU encoding - in Linux!


I’ll throw out there that if you’re planing to get a card for something like this, and sticking to budget options that you’d be better off looking towards the 750.
The GT710 is a kepler class card, this arcitecture was introduced in 2012 and was replaced by Maxwell in 2014 then Pascal in 2016 and recently Turing in 2018.
Fermi(Keplers immediate predecessor) left support status earlier this year, nvidia seems to support cards for roughly 8 years meaning kepler is likely going to be moved to a similar status in 2020. A maxwell based card like the 750 will have 2 more years of support(also I hate split generations where more than one arch(7xx had 3) is included in a numerical card series.
Also skip the 1030, it looks good until you realise they stripped out the NVENC even though the little quadro P400(only 120 apparently on amazon https://amzn.to/2PfPsdC, cheap for a quadro) kept it Pascal gets you up to 8K HVEC encoding too interestingly enough.

Hi there

I’m experiencing the same problem (video not exporting correctly): selecting the hardware encoding option nvenc leads to a blank (black) video with audio only.

System specs:

  • Windows 10 64 bit
  • Shotcut 18.11.18
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX670
  • 8 GB DDR3 1333 MHz RAM

According to this thread and the Nvidia website, the GTX670 does have hardware encoding.

Any suggestions as to the cause? Perhaps Nvidia settings?

Thanks to everyone contributing to Shotcut - it really is a great product.

The GTX670 does have 1 NVENC chip.

Thanks Hudson555x. That would explain why it’s not working for me, although the Nvidia site seems to indicate it does? (see below screenshot)

Didn’t know that button was there… I’m still learning about this as well. I have not been using this feature. I’ve got an i7-7700k so I just let that chug away. :slight_smile:
GTX-1070, nothing found as well, but if I manually check NVENC, it works for me.
I have the latest GeForce Driver 417.35 (updated December 12th).

Well… A bit embarrassing, but I have been thinking my Nvidia drivers are updating automatically… Turns out the last update was October 2017. Just manually updated the drivers to 417.35, and now hardware encoding is working :slight_smile:

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Hello…as per my knowledge nvidia seems to support cards for roughly 8 years meaning kepler is likely going to be moved to a similar status in 2020. A maxwell based card like the 750 will have 2 more years of support.

turnkey pcb manufacturing

While the 750 will have more support it’s not easy to find new anymore and used they seem to be around 100. However something like a p400 is much less power(30w max) and is avilable for 119.99 new https://amzn.to/2VfjJO7 while gaining H265 hardware features up to 8k even. if you need a little more punch the P600 is about 170 https://amzn.to/2VgKfXa plus both of those can handle multiple 4k or 5k displays simultaniously and avoid the need for a pcie power connector due to sub 75w tdp’s(plus less noise, certification for adobe and autodesk software 10 bit color if your monitor supports it ect…)

I love my GT710!

Under $30 at NewEgg now.