18.11.18 Hardware Encoding reports Nothing found

Maybe I’m missing something here.
I have everything unchecked, then hit use hardware encoder.
GTX1070, i7-7700k

Maybe this is what’s supposed to happen.

I manually set it for “h264_nvenc” and it works fine. Exported and the video plays great.

I could not fully determine root cause why sometimes in v18.11.04 and .13 it always gives none or all options. Then, I made some changes to the code to make it more diligent and log more information. Now the v18.11.18 build works good for me on 2 Windows computers that I have. I am not sure why it does not work for you. The application log shows more information now, and that helps to further troubleshoot.

shotcut-log.txt (26.6 KB)

For whatever reason, from the log, it appears ffmpeg executions are timing out to start (within 2s) or complete (within 4s), or there might be a bug in Qt that is making this intermittent.

I found this topic googling for the same issue. I’ve a AMD RX 550, will provide a log soon!

I’ve been experimenting with hardware encoding this morning on 18.11.18. Like Hudson says, with everything unchecked I get the “Nothing Found” message. I had some unexpected results though.
It seems to work faster than the CPU method which is great, but my first few attempts were recording a blank video. I thought then to test whether sound was affected too (there was only video on the test piece initially) so I chucked a piece of music on A1, and lo and behold it worked then! If I have no sound there is a blank screen, but as long as there is an audio track the video AND audio renders great.
For the record my GPU is an AMD Radeon R9 380 4GB and the setting that seems to work for me is H264_amf
I’m exporting a much longer file with chromakey throughout right now and it seems to be ticking along much faster than it did when I exported it with the CPU last night. I’ll edit this post later to report how it came out.

Results: I kept an eye on performance whilst the exports were running. CPU ran between 50-70% capacity and the GPU between 0-10%. Rendering speed was about 10% shorter than when done as I’ve done before. Resulting videos were great.

Recounting my experience here, purely because as a software engineer, I know that sometimes more examples lead more quickly to the solution.

I am running Kubuntu Linux (Ubuntu with the KDE desktop) 18.04, updated as of 20181223, on an HP Compaq, AMD64 with four cores and motherboard graphics. PCIe graphics Nvidia GeForce GT-710 2Gb.

Shotcut 18.11.13 gave the Hardware Encoding Nothing Found error.

Shotcut 18.11.18 works wonderfully, it defaults to h264_nvenc when the hardware box is checked, results are similar to QDSOV.

Shotcut 18.12.23 is very unstable for me. It appears to be seeing both the motherboard graphics and the GeForce, assigning some functions to one and some functions to the other.

I have gone back to running 18.11.18 as appimage.


FYI - I have seen references in similar threads to “Ubuntu 16.04”; that is known to be a buggy and unstable version; upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04 can work wonders.

I found the root cause of this bug. It occurs when there is a space in the path where Shotcut is located. It is fixed for the next version 19.01.

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