Graph editor for video speed and effects

Hello, i recently started using shotcut and i make montages with it. i see that some editing programs have graph editors for video speed. i think its maybe a good thing to add to shotcut because then we’re able to make the video speed up smoothly instead of first cut it in 10 pieces for a smooth speed up. A grahp editor for effects like zoom would come in quite handy. ive looked at the roadmap but i couldent fin any plans for this.

i think i choose the wrong category but i coulden’t find the suggestion catogory.
best regards, Chyum

Welcome to the Forum, @chyum

You might be looking for Time Remap, which is in development.

I believe that the Shotcut “Keyframes” mechanism fits within the definition of “graphic”.


Hello Kagsundaram,

the time remap was indeed what i was looking for. with the graph editor i was thinking more to something like in this video at 9:45. wich is a more “complex” version of the current keyframes.

By “complex”, is this referring to the floating 3-D in the upper window? In that case, I believe we are discussing the difference between an animation generator and a video editor.

Or does “complex” refer to the way the lower window handles time?
In the latter case, there has been much discussion whether the passage of time should be represented as height on the graph or by the slope of the graph. Cogent arguments can be made for both choices. Read through all of both of the threads above, to get some idea of the software design issues involved.

With “complex” i mean the way he can edit the slopes and angles of the grahp wich isn’t posible in shotcut.

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