'Flatten' audio and video layers?

I’ve searched and not been able to find an answer so apologies for the newbie question.
I’ve recorded myself playing guitar on my phone, imported into shotcut and removed the audio.
Audio was imported recorded by microphone/daw.
I’ve aligned the two easy enough but want to trim the video/audio as one now.
Is there a way to do this ? I’ve tried everything i can think of but the two separate tracks don’t want to ‘move’ as one.
Is there a way to lock them together, like you would flatten layers i guess in PS ?
Thanks, Adrian

Hi @Adi66,

Ripple and Ripple all tracks is what you want.

Since the audio you are working with now is from a different device, imo it is probably a good idea to leave them as separate tracks. Instead, you can export your project (as an mp4 or whatever format you prefer) and that will create a video with the new audio. Then, if you still want, you can use that exported video inside Shotcut and it will be on one layer.

I’ll have a go at that ,thanks.

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