Merging audio and video track

I have no idea how to merge an audio track and a video track.

Please help!

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From another thread, I gather that you know how to drag files into the timeline, so:

  1. Right-click in the timeline area and Add Video Track.
  2. Right-click in the timeline area and Add Audio Track.
  3. Drag your video to the video track and audio to the audio track.
  4. Click on the Export button in the top toolbar.
  5. Select a preset, then click the “Export File” button (which might be hidden on small displays).

Does that help?

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Here’s the thing - I’m trying to join them together so then I can then cover the spots where I cut things out.
Another thing - I’m using OBS to record sounds - and I’m too lazy to change them into mp3 files - so i’m using blank .mov s in the audio track.

Here’s the thing, the only way to ‘merge’ them is to do as detailed above. To ‘merge’ means you need to re-encode into a new file that then contains a video stream and an audio stream.

I will come back later - it’s a 56 and a half minute video

Edit - I will still be on tho

37% done

I’m not sure that I understand you. Are you cutting out audio or video? What are you covering with?

Putting a visually-blank-yet-audio-rich file, whatever the (compatible) format, into an audio track should work just fine, any visual part of it will be ignored.

Mute one track, hide the other.
track 2 mute track 1 hide

You might find the program Audacity more helpful for recording audio.

Since I have no idea what anyone is saying (except Hudson555x, ty) i’m going to try to be clearer.
I want to make the audio (in the track) to go to the video track (which has no sound (because my ringer was off during the rec))

  1. I cut out video
  2. I am covering with the video that was to the right of the clip that was cut out

@Hudson555x Got it ty :smiley:

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