Files you need to make your own James Bond gun barrel Intro

This is related to this discussion on the forum: James Bond "red" effect

In this ZIP file, you’ll find all you need (1) to create from scratch your own version of the iconic James Bond gun barrel intro (2). Hopefully yours will look better than this silly one:
(If the Streamable preview is no longer available, use this link)

Included in the ZIP file:

  • 007-Gunbarrel-Intro.mlt
    A DEMO Shotcut project you can study or re-use.

  • 007_white-dot.png
    The moving dots at the start.

  • 2 Blood images.
    007-blood.png with a dark bevel, giving the illusion of thickness.
    007-blood_no-bevel.png That one have a flat look.

  • 007_Spectre_Gun-barrel_ALL-BLACK.png
    Used instead of the small white dot when it starts to grow in size. There is also 007_Spectre_Gun-barrel_ALL-GREEN.png that you can temporarily use instead of ALL-BLACK. If you edit the project, when you get to that point, you’ll see why I included it.

  • 3 versions of the gun barrel image. A TAN one (same as in Specter), a GREY one and a WHITE one.

  • A Photoshop PSD file if you need a gun barrel image with a different background color. The file can also be edited with GIMP (3)

  • A gun shot audio file.

The DEMO project looks like this before you add your files (music and character):
(If the Streamable preview is no longer available, use this link)

If you use these files, it would be fun to see your results.
You can post your videos here if you want to.

(1) I didn’t include music or the James Bond character video clip. You’ll have to provide those.
(2) They are different in all James Bond movies, this one is from Spectre
(3) To edit the color of that image in GIMP:

  • Set the foreground color to the color of your choice.
  • In the layer panel, click to select the TAN color box of layer Color Fill 1.
  • Go to Edit and click on Fill with FG color
  • Export as a PNG with transparency.

Brilliant resource! Thank you! :+1: :+1:


Hey, I found this post very useful. I wanted to do the Gunbarrel Sequence for the intro of my piano cover of “No Time To Die” and the truth is that it was more complicated than I expected, but I think the final result is acceptable. Thanks!!!
In case you want to see the final result:

As a curiosity, I needed to shoot the video outdoors as I needed at least 6 meters to walk. I had to hide the floor and wall with white paper and the camera had to move at the same time as me. The rest, editing in Adobe Premiere.

I will be happy to hear your feedback. :grinning:


Hi @enriquelazaro
The James Bond gun barrel ZIP file was downloaded 115 times to this day. I don’t know how many used it in an actual video project, but you are the first to take the time to show us your result. So thank you for that. I appreciate it.

I loved your video! I’m a huge James Bond fan and every time I hear any double-O-seven related music, I get the chills. The No time to die theme song is no exception, and your interpretation is amazing.

I haven’t seen the movie yet (it will be released on October 6th here in Québec city), but from the videos I’ve watched, I saw they removed the blood dripping part from the gun barrel intro. Being the nostalgic type, I’m glad you decided to include it in your intro :slight_smile:

Your main title animation is very good, your gun barrel sequence is way more than just acceptable and and I love the martini glass and the pistol on the piano. Nice touches :slight_smile:
By the way, is that a Walther PPK?

Thanks again for sharing!

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Hello MusicalBox,

Thank you very much for your feedback, I am also a fan of James Bond movies and your content helped me a lot to create the opening, no doubt it would not have been the same without you.

Here in Spain it premieres today, I do not understand why it has not been released simultaneously worldwide.

Indeed, according to what has been filtered, the opening of No Time To Die doesn’t have the blood dropping, instead it zooms through the canyon. I prefer the classic opening.

Yes, the pistol is a Walther PPK! :grinning: 100% plastic, I had trouble finding it.

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I found this on

Ahead of its domestic (U.S.A. & Canada) launch on Oct. 8, the 25th entry in the Bond series will premiere in Korea on Sept 29, followed by Brazil, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom on Sept. 30, and Japan, Mexico and Spain on Oct. 1. “No Time to Die” will open in 15 international markets, including France (Oct. 6), Russia (Oct. 7) and China (Oct. 29), throughout the next month.

So I guess I was wrong when I said above we’d get it on the 6th.

As for why Hollywood movies do not have the same release date worldwide, I found this as one of the reasons:

Competition from other movies. This is the main reason for different release times worldwide. In order to maximize profits, a studio tries to pick a date that doesn’t clash with other movies. The studios aren’t concerned with country specific cinema, but with other Hollywood movies.

Looks real to me :face_with_hand_over_mouth: That’s a good reproduction.

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@enriquelazaro , Wow, that is a FANTASTIC piano arrangement!! Congratulations. I will look forward to browsing your channel. As a fellow musician I was wondering what music library and sequencing DAW you used for your orchestral backings? (which are perfectly arranged, not too overstated). I’m loving that flute sound at 1:28 and 2:51 … :grinning: plus the pizz strings at 1:38 … Bravo.

PS the intro sequence is great. Well done to @MusicalBox :+1:


Hello jonray,
I really appreciate your words! People don’t usually take the effort to comment in such detail.
The DAW I use is Cubase LE AI Elements 10. I learned on my own through trial and error.
As for VST libraries, I mainly use “Cinematic Studio Strings”, they are absolutely amazing. I also use Project Sam Orchestral Essentials quite a lot, especially for percussion. For woodwinds I usually use Berlin Woodwinds.
And for score creation, Sibelius 7.
Here is a screenshot of what the project looks like:

I’m glad you liked it. It took me an immense amount of hours. I don’t add the orchestral arrangement to all my uploads because it takes too much time, the last ones I have done are “Speechless” from Aladdin and “Reflection” from Mulan.

Greetings from Spain!

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Hi @enriquelazaro !
A-ha! not only a fellow musician and pianist, but a fellow Cubase user and Sibelius user! Thank you for your screenshot.
I love Cubase - you may be interested in my little video:

I am still using Cubase 7 - purchased 8 years ago but I never felt I had the need to upgrade - it does everything I need it to…

Thank you for the details of the orchestral libraries you use. I’ll be checking them out, especially the Berlin woodwinds. Really nice sounding!
I have Sibelius 7 too, but recently I’ve been using MuseScore instead. It’s free and Open Source, but lately I think it’s a real rival to Sibelius. Great dedicated set of developers.
The score to my song" Together in Spirit" , like my other flute songs, was made with MuseScore. The cello is Spitfire Audio’s Solo Cello. The flute and piano music is free to download, if you know of any flute players … Video made entirely with Shotcut.

Hi @enriquelazaro I subscribed to your channel, - and purchased your “No Time To Die” piano arrangement. Looking forward to playing it ! :grinning:

Hi @jonray

I have checked your videos and loved them! I find the Cubase video very useful and the Flutes+Cello+Piano composition was absolutely amazing. You have my full support. I recommend you to send the score to musicnotes, you will probably sell quite a few. And upload it to Spotify too! :wink:

And thanks for subscribing to my channel and for purchasing the sheet music! :grinning:

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Thank you so much @enriquelazaro !! Great to catch up with a fellow music man on the same wavelength!! Thanks for your YouTube comments too, will reply on there when I get a moment. :grinning:

jonray, I was interested to see that you are using MuseScore. I am a long, long way from claiming to be a musician, but when I dabble now and then I have used MuseScore. I’m curious whether you have tried any of the FOSS DAWs that are out there. Are any of them approaching the level of professional DAW software?

(I haven’t investigated them in many years, but at one time I tried out LMMS, Ardour, and Rosegarden, and also seem to remember there were some others as well. Since my needs are so basic, LMMS has been adequate and easy to use, but I’m pretty sure it is nowhere near anything professional!)

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I installed LMMS a couple of months ago because I read somewhere you could use a Mellotron emulator (VST?) with it.

I’m a big fan of old progressive music (Genesis, Yes, King Crimson etc…) and I particularly love the sound(s) of the Mellotron. So even if I have zero aptitude for reading or playing music, I wanted to see if I could use LMMS to reproduce a few songs.

So I searched for music sheets and online tutorials for the first song I wanted to try: The keyboard intro of Watcher of the Skies by Genesis.

The result is not 100% identical to the original, but it’s close enough to trigger a copyright claim on YouTube :face_with_hand_over_mouth: (so if you watch this, sorry in advance for the ads).

It’s a fascinating piece, and I appreciate platforms like this that allow me to learn even a little about how to animate videos and edit them. As a video animation hobbyist, such efforts are much appreciated. It is quite helpful to us newcomers in comprehending the principles of such a complicated field.

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Hi @MusicalBox, @enriquelazaro - you guys really have fun in how you make video clips. I am tone deaf as far as music is concern but love it … that’s why happy to support my partner in making music video … or anyone who dare to collaborate with me to make video with 3D environment lol. Cheers.

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