James Bond "red" effect

I am looking to mimic (not entirely 100% accurate, just similar is good enough) the James Bond red blood effect coming down from the top of the video to the bottom.

Specifically I’m looking to have the video playing normally, then suddenly freeze on one frame while a red color effect wipes down (partial translucence would be nice too) from the top to the bottom.

How would I do this?

You would need to actually get an animation of the blood dripping down then overlay it with the Blend filter. To freeze you would export the frame you want to freeze at with Ctrl+Shift+E then bring the image into the timeline and set the duration of the freeze for as long as you want it. Also the Crop: Circle filter in conjunction with the Size, Position & Rotate filter could be used to do the transition of the circle opening up before Bond walks a few steps before firing his gun.

I made this with a simple PNG file I created in Photoshop.
The original intro from the movie Spectre followed by my attempt at copying it:

https://streamable.com/hhk8rs (If the preview doesn’t work anymore, use this link)
I think it’s not too bad, if I may say so myself.

I created a project in Shotcut the same size as the James Bond movie clip and used the PNG image to simulate the blood effect

Download the PNG file here: https://icedrive.net/0/a41rD2dkSE
I made it for 1920 px wide videos, but if you need another format, just tell me.

Then follow these steps

  1. Put this bloody PNG image on a track above your clip.
  2. Add a Blend Mode filter set to Multiply.
  3. Add a Size, Position & Rotate filter.
  4. Set the size width to 1920
  5. Activate keyframes and add two keyframes

Keyframe on the first frame:

Another keyframe about 3 seconds later:


That is all very helpful! I love it. I’ll have to get right on it.

I was half expecting you to show up as James Bond

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So I’m seeing that the Multiply effect doesn’t remove the black from the image. I think I’m doing something wrong, probably because the alpha channel or something. Here’s what I see:

Couple of things: I literally cannot figure out how this is supposed to work. I need to run SortThisStuffOut.EXE on how to use filters. Need to watch some videos me thinks. One thing for sure that I’m noticing is the black part of the blood image is not being transparent with the rest of the scene. It just overwrites the rest of the scene, so yeah. This is my first “Modern” NLE (last time I used a video editor was iMovie HD 7 years ago if that gives you some reference) and I want to learn how to do basic and intermediate editing stuff.

Show me what I’m doing wrong and I’m all ears. Tried about 8-10 different attempts and I end up having to delete and try again.

Hi again @32768
Sorry you have issue with the effect.
I’d like to see a capture (like the one you posted above) but where I can see the “edge” of the blood. Because right now, I don’t really see the problem you explain. This is what Multiply is suppose to do.

I did apply a bevel & emboss filter to the blood image to give it the apparence of thickness, like the blood on the original effect from the movie. That’s the dark parts on one side of the blood.

Try with this blood image instead: https://icedrive.net/0/74jUJ7DHt8
In that one, I’ve removed the bevel & emboss effect. Maybe that will work better for you.

EDIT: You could also try to add an Opacity filter to the blood image. Try Opacity + Blend first, and play with the Opacity setting, or try using just Opacity
Using Opacity + Hue/Lightness/Saturation filter could also work.

Play with these filters, experiment.

Damn. Wish I’d thought of that. One golden opportunity missed to play Double-O-Seven.
Maybe next time :slight_smile:

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Wow, @MusicalBox - this is a brilliant demo and I appreciate your tutorial steps.

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Thank you @jonray!
I’ve watched my demo video a couple of times a moment ago and I’ve come to the conclusion that it doesn’t look very impressive :grin: The two clips are almost identical and it looks like I just play the same clip twice. Maybe I should have put them on top of each other instead…

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I thought it was shenanigans as well. It looked like 2 identical videos…

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The good thing is, it shows that with Shotcut and any image editing program, it’s possible to replicate iconic effects like this one, done by the big studios.



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Here’s your requested image.

Here’s a screenshot with 50% opacity. I did notice you have a video track, V3, with “transparent” involved. I am absolutely at a loss to what that does or how to do it, but it may be a factor here.

After I’m done with this + a few other videos I may end up making a YouTube video on how to recreate that 007 effect as you did from scratch (well, all you need is the audio track, the gunbarrel image and a background video source, in the original it’s Daniel Craig, but I want to show people how to use any footage). May ping you again for that. :slight_smile:

Ok, Now I see what you mean. It’s as if the PNG have no transparency at all bellow the blood part.
I just downloaded the file from my Icedrive account to test it, but it works fine.

Even in your clip thumbnail there is a black part I don’t see in mine. I don’t know why it does that.
Did you try to edit the image before importing it in Shotcut ?

I used track V3 for the text you see in my video (ORIGINAL & COPY in the top left corner)

Oh ! wait… I just saw that the blood image you used is called 007 James Bond Blood Effect.jpg

You have to use the original PNG file (that have a transparent part). JPEG doesn’t support transparency

Hmmm. How did I not remember that. I knew PNG did but I …

…bu…but but it…says the source file … is…

I like the depth of the first one. Makes it more vibrant. I’ll see if I can use MS Paint to convert it to PNG while doing something about that alpha channel.

EDIT: MS Paint is rubbish. Converted that JPEG source file to PNG, it doesn’t know donkey drip about alpha channel management. Ugh. Need to sort that out one of these days.

EDIT 2: Figured it out. When you click Open on your icedrive link, it loads a JPEG image. Click download, you get the PNG version. TIL

Also I dig that it’s called icedrive and icecube. I have used frozen-water themes for my computer names for years. Snowball, icecube, floe, … :slight_smile:

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You should not need to convert it… It comes as a PNG when you download it.
The original file you download from my IceDrive is called 007-blood.png

I think what you did was: Click the Open button, then right-click on the preview to download it. The preview downloads as a JPEG.
Use this button to download the the original PNG image

I also reproduced the gun barrel image from the Spectre movie.
If you want it’s also available on my IceDrive:

It’s wider than 1920 pixels to allow the movement at the beginning of the scene

Good stuff. I’ll watch some stuff to figure out how to make this work. Kudos