File > Save and Save As

These actions save your project to a file format that is specific to Shotcut so you can resume editing at a later time. If you want to output a video (or audio only) file that plays in any other media player or to share use Export.



  • Saves current project to a .mlt file you name.
  • Repeat using Save continues to save current project to the same specified file.
  • Shortcut Ctrl+S (macOS Cmd+S)

Save As


  • Saves current project to a .mlt file you name (possibly different).
  • Repeat using Save As will offer you a new file name to save as each time.
  • The last Save As file you name will be the current project file open in Shotcut. Now when using Save it only saves to this current project file name.
  • Shortcut Ctrl+Shift+S (macOS Shift+Cmd+S)