File > Save and Save As

These actions save your project to a file format that is specific to Shotcut so you can resume editing at a later time. If you want to output a video (or audio only) file that plays in any other media player or to share use Export.



  • Saves current project to a .mlt file you name.
  • Repeat using Save continues to save current project to the same specified file.
  • Shortcut Ctrl+S (macOS Cmd+S)

Save As


  • Saves current project to a .mlt file you name (possibly different).
  • Repeat using Save As will offer you a new file name to save as each time.
  • The last Save As file you name will be the current project file open in Shotcut. Now when using Save it only saves to this current project file name.
  • Shortcut Ctrl+Shift+S (macOS Shift+Cmd+S)

Backup and Save

This is only available if you have already saved a project (“Untitled” does not appear in the window title bar). It first gets the last date and time the project file was modified. Then, it duplicates the current project file with a new name that ends with the date and time of last modification. Finally, it saves the changes.

This menu item was added in version 23.09.