Fast-forward-rewind effect

Hello everyone.

How can I do the fast forward and rewind effect on a video?

Thanks in advance for the help friend.

Have a look at the time remap filter

Thank you. When taking back and forth on the video clip, there should be distortions in the middle part. like old vhs videos so…

Hi @ertan, this very recent discussion might be useful. @musicalbox did a great job of adding VHS distortion, although the thread didn’t address adding the effect to a reversed video…

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The easiest and fastest way to do this will be to do three searches on Youtube:

  • shotcut reverse,
  • shotcut speed,
  • shotcut vhs effect.

Users of this forum and many Shotcut editor users have written and recorded many tutorials. Some of the procedures may be changed due to the introduced changes (development) of the program.

If you still have trouble later, someone will try to help you.

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Ok. I will research this. and I will make an example. Thank you.

No problem.
It’s just that most people are busy. Most of the basic, necessary knowledge is available in the resources of this forum and on the Internet, e.g. Youtube.
There is no telling how complex, intricate the end result you want to achieve. Changing the playback direction is very easy. Changing the playback speed can be simple (no filters, just change the speed in the clip properties). There you can also change the direction of playback or more complicated (then you need to use a filter and perhaps keyframes). Keyframe manipulation can be simple or more complex.

Good luck.

Sometimes I also ask first, search later :upside_down_face:. I am often impatient and emotional like a child. Most often under the influence of emotions, time pressure.


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