Failed with exit code -1073741819 - failed keyframe zoom

I have Windows 10 Home, with 16 GB of ram, and a 64 bit operating system.

Shotcut version 22.01.30

Hi guys, I am trying to edit a fingerstyle guitar video. I have multiple video files, and one audio file. I split and splice different parts from each video to create one video of me playing guitar that includes different shots and camera angles.

Here is my issue. My video fails to export and gives me this exit code -1073741819.

I think the problem may be with a transition I have on the first video clip. This video clip already has some stressors of other filters, like hue/lightness/saturation, sharpen/whitebalance/fade in video.
However, I suspect that the main issue is with my size,position, and rotate filter.
I am trying to have a spicy intro in which video starts out really zoomed in on my hands, and zooms out slowly until the clip ends, at which point it does a fade transtion into the next clip, which is also a different angle.
I acheived this by using keyframes on the size, postion and rotate filter.
I’ve tried deleting and redoing this filter a couple times, and shotcut still can’t seem to export it.

What should I do to get the export to work?

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
(Please be specific and use the names as seen in Shotcut, preferably English. Include a screenshot or screen recording if you can. Also, you can attach logs from either View > Application Log or right-click a job and choose View Log.)
Attached is the MLT file and job log from my most recent attempt.
Senorita -ft Sarah Karpoor - RepairedOriginal.mlt (59.2 KB)
7-18-22 failed export job log.txt (295.5 KB)

Hi, Nanthan Fang. :slightly_smiling_face:

Read this post completely and see if it helps you:

bro you don’t think I’ve done that - I have looked extensively at the various issues and resolutions found there, and none have helped me.

No. And why would I? You didn’t say that you did and this is your first time posting. Other people have posted questions before on this forum and didn’t do a search to find out if it was covered.

Try the following.

  • Open a new project.
  • Hit Ctrli to create a track.
  • Use the menu item File->Open MLT XML as Clip, and open your MLT file onto the track.
  • Export the timeline.

Let us know if that works.

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Thank you, but this did not work for me. I tried it a few times.
Here is the failed job log.
failed job log - senorita elusien solution.txt (307.7 KB)
Do you have any other suggestions?

I did export your mlt file on my windows laptop and it didn’t have any issue doing so. if you want I can export your video on my laptop. upload everything to google drive or any sharing service, and I would be happy to help. I also have a MacBook pro to try it on too

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If you want to narrow down the problem, I would suggest the following (possibly time consuming) steps:

  1. Create a COPY of your project file. Do not edit the original!
  2. Open the copy and delete one transition, filter, or clip
  3. Attempt to export
  4. Repeat steps 2/3 until you get a successful export
  5. Make a new copy of the original any only remove the last item from step 4 to see if that one item is the problem

Sometimes people find that there is one troublesome transition, filter or clip that causes the crash and if they recreate that one item it will succeed.

this information cannot be seen from the job log?
I tried doing this, but can not seem to be able to export the clip, even when I isolate it and redo the keyframes on the size, position and rotate filter
If needed, and I can include that failed job log as well

These are your Video Mode settings.
It was left in Automatic when you started, so it grabbed the first video you added as it’s settings.

Do all of your videos have this same frame rate?
Can you share a screenshot of one of your clips, in the Properties window?
Did you change anything in Export Advanced? If so, what did you change?

I can try doing that in a bit. It’s just kind of difficult because the files are kind of large - we used a front camera of a nice iphone. Maybe later today or tmw I can send over a google drive link

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Then perhaps the failure is caused by something else. Keep deleting things until the export succeeds.

Unfortunately, the log does not provide any clues.

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sorry I don’t think I was clear. When I delete / deactivate the size position rotate filter that is doing my zoom out, the clip exports fine. when i recreate that filter, it fails to export

Oh! That is very good troubleshooting on your part!

One suggestion would be to convert the clip to edit friendly (click the “Convert…” button on the properties panel). Try to apply the SPR filter to the converted clip.

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Here is the link to all the files I think you will need.

Can you let me know how it goes?
I am super grateful for your help - you have no idea who I am, but you’re still going as far as downloading my videos and trying to export my project
My instagram is Nathan_Fang_
and my discord is Nathan(Lil_Ryce_)#7397

I think they all have the same frame rate, as they were all filmed on the same iPhone in the same session.
edit - yes they are the same frame rate of 60 fps - i clicked on each clip to verify

sure thing here is a screenshot

In Export Advanced, I changed the codec to around 80 - 85 percent to try to get a higher quality export

what action should I take to get the export to work?
I am already in the process of converting the very first clip that has the size position rotate filter to edit friendly, at which point I will delete and remake said filter with keyframes and try exporting again.
What else should I try?

Try changing the Video Mode to 2160 60 fps.
Currently, you’re in Automatic and it’s set for 2160 59.995019 fps.

After changing the video mode, verify all of your keyframes as they may shift.

You are very welcome brother. I downloaded the video and I started exporting the project. it says 3 hours to finish. I’ll keep you posted.

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sounds great thank youuu

Sorry for my late reply, this is the link for the exported video

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