Exporting crashing at different percentages

I keep trying to export a relatively small video (<3min), but it keeps crashing at different times. At the end of my job log it reads: Failed with exit code -107374181
joblog.txt (1.2 MB) 9.

Export failures are a frequently encountered problem, but there are not enough people around to investigate every single case. You should search a little to see what the suggestions are, try some different things, and mention what you tried. Also, you did not mention your version. Does it only occur with this project? What if you simply open a video and export; does that work? Common problems are old version, variable frame rate video, low memory, some specific combination of effects.
According to this, that specific error code comes from the windows runtime, particularly the file system. That means I am not able to trace it to a specific part of our code based simply on the error number.

Not sure if this helps, but see:


I’ve also experienced some crashes during exportation at different points. It’s a not enough memory problem in my opinon. I’m working with a small HP laptop and Ubuntu with 3 gigas of RAM. I also got problems outside exportation. I can often fix them in closing the other applications, Firefox in first, it needs a lot of memory.

If it is a memory problem see replies 22 & 23 of this thread for some suggestions of what to do:

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