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I have used almost 110 images jpg (5504x3096) and two small videos mp4 (640x480, 29.99 fps). Everything lasts 7 minutes. Each picture is shown to match the audio (3 audios mp3). I exported it using the default mp4 export settings but the quality is very bad. How can I have a video with an high quality of the photos? Shotcut Version number 19.12.31 Operating System Windows 10

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See here: Export settings for high quality

Thank-you but it didn’t help. I tried what pelaajahacks suggested: 1) codec h264qsv ad not anf otherwise it fail (low quality); 2) huffyuv (failed); 3) rawvideo (failed).
I think Lefse problem was not mine. Any other suggestions?

What part of the export is bad? Photos, the 2 small videos, or all?
What is your video mode? (Click on Master, then Properties).

Thank-you Hudson for responding.
Everything (video and photos) has a quality much worse than the original.
Properties timeline
resolution: 320x180
Aspect ratio: 320 : 180
Frame rate: 60 fps
Scan Mode: Progressive
Colorspace: ITU-R BT.601

This expected when going from 5504x3096 to 320x180 !! Use a higher resolution by changing the video mode:

This image is really 5504x3096, but via this forum software I sized it your Video Mode. When you exported it has the same resolution as the video mode.

Thanks Dan and Hudson for the patient answers. I had already realized that the resolution was the problem and I had tried to improve the quality of the export by changing the resolution manually or through a preset I chose. But without results or with failures of the export process. The solution lies in the initial settings of the project. So I will redo the project from the beginning. I have done some proofs with Video mode automatic based on the first jpg I used, and it works.Thank you all for your help

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