"Export frame" exports at proxy quality

Windows 10, Shotcut 21.03.21

When editing using proxies, File → Export Frame exports a low-quality frame from the proxy sources.

As with other outputs, I would expect the exported frame from to be a full quality render.

I think that’s a very straightforward minor bug (with an easy workaround involving F4!), but if I can provide further info to help diganoise it, please ask.



We added a warning message in 21.08:

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Ah, thanks. scurries to upgrade

This does seem like a stopgap rather than a real solution, which surely should be that the export is at full quality even when in proxy mode? I appreciate that this might be rather low priority though!

Correct. High effort and low priority. So we have the stop-gap to help people out in the meantime.


Understood! :slight_smile:

In case there is time, I should like this repair too. :blush: