Add Warning When Exporting Frame With Proxy On

When a frame is exported with Proxy is on it will not source it from the original source files but the proxy files. It’d be good to add a warning dialog when File > Export Frame… is attempted when working with Proxy files to let users know that with a dialog box that says something like:

When Proxy is ON, the exported frame will be taken from the lower resolution Proxy instead of the original source.

Do you want to proceed anyway?

And of course, a choice of “Do not show this anymore” on the bottom.


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I posted a suggestion regarding this last year.

At the end of the discussion, I was suggesting that maybe Shotcut could automatically and temporarily disable Proxies while exporting a frame.
But if it’s not possible, a simple warning is an excellent idea.

This suggestion is implemented for the 21.08 release.


@brian, I just tested this on the latest nightly build and I’m not getting any warning when I try to export a frame while using proxies.

Works for me…


Enable Proxy

Generate Proxy File

Confirm the proxy file loaded

Attempt to export a frame

Observe warning message

The message only appears if the frame actually comes from a proxy clip. If proxy is disabled for a clip (or if the proxy did not load properly) then the message will not be displayed. Also, proxy is not supported for images or the built in generators like colorbars.

Upon testing I can see that this detection can be subverted when the clip is on the timeline. I will have to look into that.

Thanks for testing.

I’m sorry @brian, but for the sake of new users, shouldn’t the message be more specific and warn people that the frame will be unusable in the project and that they need to turn proxies OFF before exporting it ?

Not unusable and not always for putting in a project. Depends on what you plan to do with it.

I have handled this case, too for the 21.08 release. In the case of timeline, the message will always appear if proxy is enabled - even if no proxy files were actually used for specific frame being captured.

I tend to agree with Dan. I do not presume to know what they want to do with the frame or if it will/won’t work for their needs. I expect most people who need a higher resolution frame export will infer that they need to turn proxy off to meet their needs. Maybe there will be a lot of support requests and then we can reconsider.