Export Frame and Proxy setting

Single frames are exported in very low quality in Proxy mode. Each time a frame capture is needed, Proxy have to be disabled, then reenabled after.

With Proxy

No Proxy

Since the Preview Scaling doesn’t affect the quality of the exported frames, I wonder if it would be possible in Proxy mode as well.

Thank you.

Proxy and preview scaling are fundamentally different, the preview scaling just adjusts what size the viewport is rendered at, a proxy loads a different file into the editor and then replaces it during export. For shotcut to export a single frame the way you’re suggesting it would have to load the master file to export that frame every time it was done

Hi @D_S. I gave Proxy Scaling as an example.
I know next to nothing about programing so I don’t know if what I suggest is easy to do or if it’s even possible… But in case it is, if it turns out that having Shotcut “load file in the background+export frame” doesn’t take more time than manually “TurnOFF Proxy+Export Frame+TurnON Proxy”, I say let Shotcut do it :slight_smile:

And if I’m not mistaken, when you turn Proxy OFF, Shotcut already loads (or reloads) all the master files anyway. But for this it would only need to load one file.

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