Export frame directly in original resolution

when I try to export a frame and I am using proxies, I am warned that the exported frame will be in low resolution.
So I need to disable the proxies, export the frame, and then re-enable them.
But I believe that in most cases, people who want to export a frame want it at the original video resolution. Why not make this happen automatically or at least have a window pop up where you can select whether you want the original resolution or the lower proxy resolution without having to turn the proxies on/off (without disablin/re-enabling proxies)?
Would it be possible?

Or am I the one who has missed some steps?

Thank you

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There are already two threads (at least) on the forum on this subject.
I often have to export frames and not having to turn proxy OFF each time would be a time saver.
It was declared low priority, which is understandable since it’s just an inconvenience, not a bug. And the developers already have plenty on their hands with the long to-do list on the Road Map

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I am sorry.
I had done a search to see if there were already open threads but I hadn’t found anything.
I realize there are higher priorities, but I hope the improvement will be implemented in the future.
Thank you for replying.

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