Export Failed with exit code -1073741819 - Again, I know

Yes, people have gone on about this forever in a day. I have tried the multiple methods I have found on the forum, hoping they would work and so I could also help others if they need, I have tried every method I have seen. But yet, no, they do not work, and every single time, at 72% exported, it fails. I have calculated what 72% of the video is, have gone to it, and tried to alter it, yet it does not seem to work. Basically there are 2 greens screens (As I am making memes) at this time in the video, they both consist of Size, Position, and Rotate filters, as well as Chroma Key Simple, and one has a gain/volume filter as I quieten one towards the end. I have tried changing these around, I looked on Youtube and searched both Shotcut and Windows error 1073741819, It was apprently said to be a windows audio issue but many of the comments on these videos said otherwise. If further information to solve this problem such as info about my computer, I will provide, but any help is very appreciated as my subscribers will be expecting a new video soon. I also tried altering my export settings, but that did not help either. Here is a screenshots:

What specifically have you tried to resolve this, other than changing things around in the edit? For example, do you have Hardware Acceleration checked, and if so, have you tried it without?

Instead of moving things, I suggest you try simplifying things until you can make it work. That can be temporarily disabling filters or removing clips. Basically, answer yourself: what does work? You are not committed to anything until you choose to save it. Also, when you start export monitor the memory on your computer using Task Manager to see if it is running low.

Well yeah I have changed up the settings and tried using hardware encoder on and off, I found some people were saying to just delete the files and replace them again.

Okay, thank you. I don’t know why but It is either Chroma key or whatever filter I put in the music at that time that must be bugging it.

Also, what should I do if my memory does run low?

I un checked and checked hardware encoder but what is hardware acceleration?

Thank you, yes as you said I monitored memory, that seemed to be okay, I took away and re added the clips, and I think that did the trick. Thank you very much for your help and support! :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I was mis-naming it. Hardware encoder is correct. Glad that you got it sorted!

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