Drop shadow text [again]

In this thread (Drop shadow effect - #13 by shotcut) someone says this: “You do not need to add anything to use text in the Overlay HTML filter, and it already has Text Shadow in the Format menu.”

However, this appears to be available only in older versions of Shotcut, is that right? i do not have this available in my 24.xx.xx linux version. I just did my latest video and did drop shadowed text by duplicating every single text line and pasting it in below the original in a different color with an offset; it worked, but it took FOREVER.

Am I missing something here?

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Shotcut does not currently support native shadows under text. I get around this limitation by using the text editor in kdenlive, there is the ability to export text as a separate file, which can be placed on the shotcut timeline without any problems and it works.

I figure it’s a lot quicker to just do it in Photoshop, but then if you need to change it you have to edit that file again and re-import it - still might be quicker though.

Hi @Tyrannocaster , you have answered the question I was going to ask - how you did the drop-shadows on your video! Yes, you are right, that method works, but it does in fact take ages!

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This thread from 2019 is obsolete. The filters it refers to have been removed as of V20.10.31 :

HTML5 Removal And Qt Upgrade
Removed QtWebKit and WebVfx (HTML5 components) from all builds.
Added a Text: Rich video filter and made Text: HTML deprecated.

Your workaround is correct, but you can also have a look at this MusicalBox tutorial:

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How does that produce the drop shadow?

I very rarely need a shadow under the text, in such cases I use the kdenlive text editor and import the result into shotcut.
The advantage of this method is that such text files weigh less than a kilobyte, unlike text exported to png by Photoshop.


Wow, that goes by fast. I will have to see that on my desktop computer and slow it down before I can grasp the concept. I use drop shadows all the time, so I want to explore other ways of doing this. Thank you.

Drop Shadows for the Text filters is on the Road Map


So there is hope that we will have that feature some day in Shotcut :slight_smile:


I’m also looking forward to this feature, as well as motion blur.

EXCELLENT! It seems like the old, no-longer-available way of adding it must have had some real downsides or they would have kept it. One reason I prefer Shotcut to Kdenlive is the way it handles text (generally) but it’s lacking when it comes to drop shadow. As a professional photographer and semipro graphics guy, I’m just so used to Photoshop where it’s a piece of cake, but…Photoshop isn’t free and I want to cut the Shotcut devs some slack.

Just another thought about drop shadow text. If you make some drop-shadow text in Shotcut with a HALF-GREY background (hex: #808080), export it, and import it back into Shotcut, then apply a Blend Mode filter set to “hard light”, the background becomes invisible.
Could be useful to know, if you didn’t know already.

Short video demo (no audio):

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I don’t have a COPY CLIP option in my Kdenlive clip (22.04.03) like yours seems to have. And even with the video at full screen, since it’s embedded in this page and not on Youtube, the normal controls aren’t available. Can you do a written list of the operations? I would like to see if I can get this to work.
Right now, I am using Shotcut on a Windows machine, but I have Kdenlive on my linux machine; I can’t put that Kdenlive on the Windows 7 machine because the installation fails every time, and it probably wouldn’t run under W7 anyway. So copying and pasting between softwares isn’t possible for me unless I do everything on linux, which I would rather not do for multiple reasons, although the versions are newer than what I can use on Windows. Hope that makes sense.


Okay, another option to check out. I will report back later. :slight_smile:


EDIT: I can’t read the menu options on the video because the resolution is too low when I put it in full screen mode and it goes by too quickly for me to follow it anyway. I don’t know how you guys follow these things!

Imbedded YouTube videos on the forum are set to low resolution (360p).
Before switching it to full screen use the Settings icon to change the resolution.


Click on the YouTube link to open the video in another tab, at full resolution.

Will be in next version; beta this weekend. Fully keyframable; works on anything with an alpha channel, not just text. Can do glows too with 0 offset and some blur.



Wow! Very nice! :+1: :+1: :+1:

This is great. I wonder how long it will take to percolate down to the linux Mint repository. I’m not much good with the command line stuff. But thanks in advance; this is most welcome.

Well, another thing I didn’t know! Thank you.

EDIT: I was having the low-res problem with Jonray’s video, which I watched in a separate tab on Youtube itself. That’s where that comment came from.

Nice addition, @shotcut! Thank you very much! :+1: