Distorted Audio

I am having trouble with audio music tracks. When I first load the music file it sounds fine but after some time editing I get distortions. Sounds like two different versions of the same audio that are slightly out of synch, also, I get clicking noises. Would appreciate input. Any ideas?
Thank you.

Hi @Harry
Go to Settings and disable Scrub Audio. See if that helps.
A screen capture of your Shotcut window (make sure we see the audio track(s)) could also help to see the problem.
Do you hear the same things after exporting your project ?

Good morning,

Thank you very much for answering my distress call. First, your question: Yes, the distortions do carry over to the exported file. However, it appears to clear up as we go and only affect the first part of any given chapter. Also, it is only the music tracks that are affected, not the audio part of the video track.

The chapter that I am working on at present is just over two minutes and the distortions/doubling up clears after the first 45 seconds and the rest of the audio is fine.

After receiving your reply, I disabled audio scrubbing and screened the chapter again in Shotcut, and I instantly noticed an improvement – so, excitedly, I exported the project again.

Alas, in the exported file the problem persists.

I am still in the early stages of learning Shotcut and my limited knowledge and lack of experience leave me at a loss of what to do. As such, I really appreciate your help and hope that the attached screenshot may tell you something that I cannot.

Best regards and thanks again…


PS I have read Cryptic Wraith’s post on Audio Echoes and that sounds similar but unfortunately over my head.

If you can, please share a screenshot of the video and audio tabs in the properties panel for one of the clips that has the distortion in the final video.

Also show the video mode.

Also show the export panel settings you use.

In the properties for the music clip, there is a button to “convert”. Have you tried to convert the file and use that instead?

Hi Brian,
Thanks for your kind interest in my problem and your comments. I am assuming that my post of this morning must have gone through, despite the fact that I received a Failure Notice to say that it hadn’t - both this morning and last night when I tried posting it then!!
Anyway, on your advice, I tried converting the audio file to edit-friendly but, if anything, this only made it worse. Hoping the attached screenshots are the ones you need and also hope that they tell you what you need to know. Looking forward to hearing. Thanks again.

Thanks @Harry. You provided the requested screenshots, but nothing jumps out at me.

One observation: You have V1 muted in the timeline. So all the audio in your project is coming from the file “17 Smooching - Converted.mkv” in track A1. So I think we should be suspicious of that file.

Some requests:

  • Can you share a screenshot of “Help->About Shotcut” so we can see your version?
  • Can you open “17 Smooching” in a media player like VLC or Windows media player? Does it sound OK?
  • Can you open “17 Smooching” into an empty project in Shotcut? Without putting the clip in the timeline, does it sound OK?
  • Can you provide a screenshot of the Audio tab in the properties panel for “17 Smooching” - with proxy disabled? This would show us the native properties of the clip.

Sorry if this feels like a goose chase. We just need to find the secret thing that is causing the problem.

Good evening Brian,
‘17 Smooching’ sounds fine in Windows Media Player. In an empty Shotcut project, however, it does not.
I am using MP3 files in some of the other chapters and I have no problem with audio there, so I am kind of thinking, since this particular file is a wma-file could that format be the problem? And, if so, is there a way to convert it to MP3?
Screenshot attached.
Please know that I really, really appreciate all your help. I love Shotcut and am amazed at what it can do - I only wish that I knew and understood it better. But I guess that will come.
Best regards,

It seems like there have been problems in the past with Windows Media Audio files. Some work and some do not.

The next thing to try is to convert the file. In your screenshot above, see the button that says “Convert…”. Click that, choose one of the three options (why not start with “Best”) and wait for the conversion to finish. Hopefully the converted file will work better.

Evening Brian,
Strange, when, the other day, you suggested I try converting the file, I automatically went for the ‘best’ one - and that didn’t work. So, just now, I tried converting to the ‘good’ one - the lowest category - and, lo and behold: Perfect! I can’t believe it.
Everything looks and sounds great and I am so happy. Thank you so much for all your help, really appreciate it.

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