Copy/paste between projects + templates


Are there any plans to add copy/paste between projects?

Quite often if we work on bigger files we would like to reuse some ideas from old projects (ex. some filters, some selected videos (but not full, but rather only selected part + previously set filters etc). I really don’t understand why it’s not possible to copy them. It seems to be so simple functionality as copy/paste within one project already exist.

Is there also any mechanism to create templates to be used quickly in projects?

Thanks for suggestions.

Maybe #3 on the roadmap would provide some of this:

There have been a few ideas floating around:

On the roadmap there is “support multi-selection in cut/copy/paste” but there is nothing about doing this between projects.

I know that shotcut is non-commercial tool thus we shouldn’t be too demanding and rather be grateful to people who spend their free time for improving shotcut/adding new functionality. On the other thing it’s really irritating if you try to do bigger projects and spend a lot of time on re-inventing things which you did already in any other previous project. In result I have impression that I spend so much time on things which could be easily done much quicker if only shotcut provide a bit more functionality. That might discourage people from using it.

I know all those tricks concerning templates but none of them is too satisfactory. If there was copy/paste between projects, then you could have two projects opened 1) main project 2) template and taking things from template to the main would be very easy. And vice versa if in main project you create sth you have impression you could use in future, you could copy it to template.

To the ideas mentioned in your answer, I can also add manual xml file edit. I do it sometimes and it helps but I do it always with fear that I might add some strange bugs in this way, not visible at the beginning but later causing strange shotcut behaviour. But sometimes that’s the only way to do sth quickly.

Concluding I’m wondering how much copy/paste within one project differs comparing to copy/paste between projects. At first glance it doesn’t seem to differ so much with only one exception that when copying between projects, shotcut should check if the file (with video, music etc.) already exist and if not, it should add it automatically to the project. The rest seems to be the same at first glance at least. But I might be wrong…

Two instances of Shotcut currently do not know about eachother. So they have no way to pass data between. That is what the system clipboard would supply.

But there is another hurdle for what you are requesting - multiple instances of Shotcut open at the same time. More work would have to be done to make that stable.

Yeah, using system clipboard would be required but the data could be kept as text xml file so it shouldn’t be so complicated. Using the same mechanism which is used for saving/reading the file with project.

I use quite often 2 instances of shortcut in Linux Ubuntu and I didn’t notice any problems with being stable (others than usual in case of 1 instance as generally shotcut is not very stable software). I use them often for manual copying (in the meating it’s me who transfer data from one project to another but it’s ridiculous, I don’t know any other program when copying/paste between two instances of this program is not possible).

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