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Is it possible to create a template which has an intro and an outro and then upload the clip directly into the centre? This intro and outro would be the same for every video.

Is it possible to do this simultaneously with multiple clips and then place them in a queue to be rendered?

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Hi, I just made an intro video and outro video, and then add to the beginning and ending of my project as required. I save these small clips in a file called youtube assets. Job done, easy.


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Thanks for the quick response.

Do you do that manually for every video? Was wondering if there was some way to do it quicker for multiple videos in one go.


I have done my intro and outro with a testversion of an other videoeditor (has more effects) and saved them (with less compression) as:

In shotcut i put them to the start and end of the timeline-clips and save all together.
So i have done over 60 Badminton-Training-Videos, you can see here:
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english: www.badminton-tips.de/en


Yes, when I start a new video I manually start with my intro, assemble the rest of my clips and manually add the outro. It’s not a problem. if i need to add credits or other info in the outro, I just split the outro clip, use the text filter to add whatever I want.

I’ve created a post about templates that sounds like it might be what you’re looking for.

Yes to both. For the first question, you want to create a template which will be an MLT file where you stick the intro at the beginning of the timeline, then the outro at the end, and leave a gap in the middle. Once that’s done, save as a template.MLT

The second question is possible as well. Open your template then drag the video in the middle of your timeline, then adjust so that it fits perfectly between you intro and outro. Then export. As the job is going, you can then delete replace the middle clip with a new clip and adjust accordingly again, then export. As long as it’s already queued in the jobs tab, you can keep changing the timeline and adding new exports

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Thanks for the tips, bentacular! I was wondering whether it’s possible to create a batch of exports with different timelines. Some of my videos are planned to be longer than others, so I was thinking it might ruin the process.

Such a perfect timing.

Also, Philez, could you please share your article? Thanks in advance.

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