Complete beginner! Is this possible with Shotcut?

Hi. I’m 100% new to video editing and have never used any video editing software before. I do have around 28 years of experience recording and producing music and am used to using most DAW software.

I would like to start making music videos and in particular I would like to be able to make a video of our choir with each member performing separately from their homes like this :-1:

As you can see this video uses 24 tiles for each choir member. How many tiles can Shotcut do? Also, is it possible to add frames around each persons individual tile?
I would like to have the ability to mute their phones audio within Shotcut and use separate audio files from Cubase or Acustica Premium 7.2.

I would love to aspire to one day work towards making videos like this but this is probably very unrealistic?


I’m not sure what you’re asking here but everything else you asked is very much possible with Shotcut. Although if you were going to go and do about 24 video clips you would definitely be needing to do them in a proxy workflow because that is a tremendous amount of of processing that the computer would have to do to handle that many videos at once.

A member of the forum here @Y.S posted a video project he did that is similar to what you are asking:

He would be ideal in order to guide you and give you advice although if you are new to editing you need to go through some beginner tutorials so you know your way around the program. Click on “Tutorials” that is on top of this webpage and it will take you to the section that includes several videos for beginners. After that, hopefully @Y.S can spare some time and give you pointers on how to achieve this kind of project. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Rpenrose

About the frames you talk about. If all the tiles are static (no movement or size change), I guess the fastest and easiest way to make borders (or frames) around each tile would be to create a grid of lines on a transparent background. Adding the grid on top of all the clips will create an illusion of frames around each tile. You can create this grid with software like Photoshop or Gimp. Like this :

Of course, if what you want is to create something more elaborate, like the illusion of real picture frames for example, it would be a bit more complicated, but absolutely possible with Shotcut.

Grid lines are available in Shotcut. It’s the button that is to the immediate left of the volume button under the player.

@DRM yes, but the grid you talk about will not be part of the exported video. I suppose that what Rpenrose is talking about if some kind of separation between each tiles.

Oh, I see. That’s what the “is it possible to add frames around each persons individual tile?” could be about. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is how I understand it :slight_smile: But I could be wrong :smiley:

Hi guys. Wow thankyou for the quick replies. I found the thread @Y.S posted about the great video he made a little while after I joined the ShotCut forum.
I have already started going through the really helpful tutorials.

I’m not sure what a proxy workflow means?

Regarding the frames I mean; If you are working with tiles can you add photo type frames around them? Also, when using multi tiles is there a quick easy way to make them all the same size and in straight lines? Can you snap the position of the tiles to a grid?

This is not a question of the dependence of the number of tiles, but rather the number of individual tracks with the artists in them.
In this case it would be 24 tracks, each with individual positions and sizes.

With a screen size of 1920x1080, this is 240x340 per tile.
Finally, define the positions.
With keyframing you could do additional motion effects.

Brilliant! Thankyou guys!

It’s been 7 days since the last reply so my reply is maybe to late but I would suggest to a beginner to start with 4 frames and sound streams and see if you can get that to work. Then you can build on that and increase it.

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