Clear at 1080p but not at 480p

Yes, I upload 1080p videos on youtube which is edited by shotcut! When someone watches it on TV or some big-screen its looks 1080p but Mostly Using mobiles now and youtube 480p looks blurry! And Some other videos look like 1080p in 480p too(Not mine)! So how to increase clarity at 480p?? Please help me…

This is in general. I find many questions that do not have enough information for a focused answer.
In my case, if I want to help with this, I would first like to see what the problem is that you are commenting on, so a link to those videos on Youtube, would be helpful for playback on various devices.
Other useful information is the characteristics of the final video uploaded to Youtube: resolution, bit rate, etc.
Don’t forget that with the current implementation of the proxy function, there is the possibility of “use preview scaling” export in the “advanced” tab, which produces a video with reduced resolution and quality for quick review.

With more information, there is a better chance of helping your problem.

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I saw this other request for help from you.
Are they related?
If so, you can add that information here and avoid two threads dealing with the same issue.

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Look This video which I edited in shotcut! Its just awesome but My Question is this video ([]) is not that clear in 480p, While there are many videos which looks clear in 480p too! So whats the reason behind this?

Can you give me that type of Video export settings?

Nope, Both are different question!

I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking, but by definition 1080p is going to have a lot more detail than 480p. It’s all about the pixels.

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See this video in 480p
And see my video in 480p
My question is why his video looks better in 480p and not mine?
and then see the difference!! So Basically Is there any other settings to do this? like bitrate, framerate, qulity, codec etc etc!

I am not an expert in videos coming from animations, so according to what I see in this video I find the following:
In the HD 1080 Youtube resolution (PC), I see pixelization in some areas of the video. Also some details (1:36) do not appear well.
In 2:05 the red car seems to lack definition, it is not sharp.
There is also a feeling of jumping forward in some areas (for example inside the building)
in this video you increased the speed of the original video?
When there is a more static scene the feeling of sharpness is more noticeable. What happens with a non-accelerated video? Do you have the same problem of lack of sharpness?
On my mobile phone (360p) I found that lack of definition you mentioned. It’s much more evident in fast camera movements.
I remember reading here in this forum some similar problem from users who complained about the quality of the videos (they were mountain bike videos) once uploaded to the Youtube platform.
Youtube processes the videos that users upload, so I wonder if the fast lighting and speed changes can negatively influence the quality of the video in the reprocessing.
I also tried 480p quality. On my device, although there are some less sharp details (some palms) it usually looks good. On the other hand, the playback is smooth and there is no jumping feeling and the straight edges of the construction look very sharp.
I guess the quality of the screen (pixel density and size) has an influence too.
Perhaps some more expert users can shed more light on this problem.

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The only thing I can say is, you’ll need to ask the other guy what his settings were, and then copy from there. I also suspect that the source files are vastly different, which will make a difference.

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Youtube re-encodes everything. You can’t do much about that part

His motion is slower. Your camera movements are much faster. Large fast motion requires higher bitrate for a certain level of quality. (Lossy temporal compression stores the differences between frames, and you have larger differences. When youtube gives you low bitrate - yours will degrade more). You can make your camera movements slower

He’s using 24p. Frames are unique. You’re using 30.0p but have duplicates every ~6th frame. This suggests your original CG render was 25p, but you probably used the wrong settings for shotcut

Darkly lit scenes do not compress very well (or rather, most codecs underallocate to less bright scenes) and you have plenty of dark, so your compression artfacts show up more. You can relight your CG render and it will help a bit

He’s getting better encoding settings from youtube. More popular youtubers with higher views tend to get better settings from youtube. e.g. His 480p AVC version has 3 ref frames and uses b-frames. Your 480p AVC version has 1 and no b-frames. Together those make a significant difference for compression quality at lower bitrates like YT. (If you uploaded his original video that he uploaded to YT, it would still look worse on your account)


No, I don’t Increase the speed of original video its original video that I made…I think I need to make fast videos in enscape and then I need to do edit in shotcut without increasing speed !! Just put the 5-6 videos and export it! :+1::blush: @ejmillan

SUre I Will !! @RickS


And the conclusion is I need to make the original video faster as I need and I will never edit videos speed! So can you give me tips on How to make 480p AVC 3 ref frames??? @pdr


Not faster - the faster the camera moves and animation, the more difficult to compress, the worse it will look on youtube. Anything with large motion is more difficult to compress. It doesn’t matter which program you did it in. That’s just a compression fact

To improve it, the animation has to be slower, lighting better . In the CG render settings, you need high antialiasing and motion blur helps as well with compression. Sharp, aliased edges do not compress well on youtube

It mostly doesn’t matter what settings you encode with. Youtube re-encodes everything. That’s the key. You do not have no control over what youtube does. Even if you used a lossless version, it will still have problems, because of the way youtube re-encodes it . The problem is youtube

But there is a strong correlation between highly viewed YT posters, and their videos seem to get preferential treatment by YT. So get more viewers

Or don’t use youtube. Use something like vimeo . Even their “free” accounts get higher quality encodes and their pro ones get even better

I agree with everything @pdr said. I would emphasize that the camera is sometimes moving much, much too fast for 25fps and a low bitrate. Slowing down the camera movement will help significantly.

Also, the other video you linked had very detailed textures on every surface. Meanwhile, your video has a lot of near-solid colors. Near-solid green grass, gray concrete, and white walls. Even the slightest encoding artifact will be evident because flat colors are so predictable. It’s obvious when any pixel isn’t perfect. Textures hide artifacts better than solid colors. Even with equal encoding settings, the other video would look better to the eye because artifacts would be less obvious among all the textures.

And definitely avoid big patches of super dark colors like shadows. Compression algorithms love to crush dark areas because they know the eye is less sensitive there, and they can produce major artifacts at low bitrates.

Finally I made this, Now this time its quite good at 480p!

Thank You guys! :slight_smile:

Watched at 480p. Very nice! The camera movement was much more manageable this time. The other benefit of slower camera movement is that I can (as a first-time viewer) have opportunity to scan the entire screen and see all the neat furniture and objects you’ve built into these buildings. If the camera zooms by, I don’t have time to notice anything specific, and your hard work would have no impact on me without another viewing.

Out of curiosity, there were a lot of shots where the camera was shooting directly into the sun, meaning the camera is viewing the shadow side of buildings. There isn’t much to see when everything’s in shadow. Since I’m not familiar with your model, it looks more like a silhouette to me since the details are so hard to see. Was that by design, or is that just where the sun happened to be at the time?

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